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JOLT International Theatre Festival: Great Artists Steal

JOLT international Theatre Festival

Great Artists Steal


Theatraverse brought the house down on Friday to end off JOLT International Theatre, with a newly bilingual creation, written by Seamus Collins, entitled Great Artists Steal, a story about a man and woman, who welcome a young inventor in to find the creation of 'The Weeel'.

The set for the piece looked old, raged, and very much like a junk yard, thanks to the help of the scrap store the company visited to create their vision for the show. Credit must go to Joanne Allan, who directed the piece and bringing her creation, to which she has been working with Seamus Collins since last August, to life.

The companies aim was to make bilingual open to everyone, and with a cleverly simple looking script, this was accomplished successfully, and talking to the audience, it was found that mostly everyone understood the whole plot, and had no trouble with the ranging accents in the performance.

This exact reason is why JOL…

JOLT International Theatre Festival: A.Loan and Scandimania


Roses Youth Theatre
Sundial Youth Theatre

A.Loan and Scandimania took to the Olympus Theatre stage on Thursday for the penultimate night of JOLT Theatre Festival, where both Youth Theatre Companies brought an array of varying performances and talents, which both captivated the audiences right throughout their shows.

First up was Roses Youth Theatre, presenting A.Loan, a story about students off to University, and the troubles they may face with money problems and leaving families behind. At the heart of the story was Dan Jepson's character, who couldn't get the loan he wanted off the bank, and Jamie Dearsley's character, who was leaving his brother, played by Alex Tailford, behind. The performance also included singing, by Samuel Blenkin, Alex Tailford, and the ensemble of actors on stage, which was flawless. Performances on stage was electric, and flowed beautiful, and credit must also be given to Sarah Blowers, who had produced and wrote the show, whic…

JOLT International Theatre Festival: Scratch Night

The Scratch Night

Various Companies/Cast

Wednesday Night brought Scratch Night to JOLT Theatre Festival, which showcased three different work in progress performances from Jess Dawson, Spaniel in The Works, and then a group of Gloucestershire University students.

First up was an Extract of Cheap Excuses from Jess Dawson, which showed the character of Maude, was a clown, in a small scale box, who was not sure whether she was alive or dead, until she read a letter which confirmed it was the latter of the two. In such a short space of time, the character of Maude really grew and developed well, and definitely has potential on the UK tour traveling in 2015. Jess said afterwards that she would like to credit Sue Morrison for teaching her Clowning.

Next up was Nothing Changes, from Spaniel in the Works, whiched celebrated 100 years of the book 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists', and began with an analogy of Capitalism, with pieces of bread and three members of the audience, befo…

JOLT International Theatre Festival: Lost in Denmark

Lost In Denmark

Het Vijfde Bedrijf

Creative Team:

Performer - Annemarie de Bruijn
Writer and Director - David Geyson
Translater - Marlous Lang - Peterse

Het Vijfde Bedrijf (The Fifth Act), is made up of Annemarie de Bruijn, who takes the characters from plays that are neglected and goes in to find out more about the world that they have been created in. Lost In Denmark, her latest production, focuses on Horatio, from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

With audience walking on stage, Anne Marie started off by speaking the names of actors who had portrayed Hamlet in productions across the years.

She then told us that actors had struggled with the madness of the character, before going into a minutes silence, and then literally edging her humor on stage by silently bringing upfront a Lego made castle, with figurines, before then plugging in a camera phone to give us a brief reenactment of the well known play, Hamlet.

She then spoke about Horatio, Hamlets friend, and through the presence of him, w…

JOLT International Theatre Festival: CEIRW (DEER)


Circus Arts

Eastgate Shopping Centre

With only two days to create a piece fitting for JOLT, Circus Arts presented CEIRW (Deer), a two part dance piece that involved James Doyle-Roberts and Fran Widdowson fitting into two deer masks, and being choreographed through pieces which represented a Court dance and being Caged up like the animal they were representing.

Before the show, the actors actors, accompanied with their masks, walked around Eastgate Shopping Centre, mingling round with the general public, as they drew a crowd and people starting taking photos. It was really nice to see children's faces as they lit watching these performers go on the carousel and walking round.

When it came to the dance, it was all very captivating, and you could see everyone in the Centre just stop to see what was going on, and being fixated to the action in front of them. Everyone from all ages just stopped for a moment to view the wonderful dance pieces that were being created in fron…

JOLT International Theatre Festival: Gloriator


Spitz and Co.

Olympus Theatre


Suzie Donkin - Josephine Cunningham

Pauline Morel - Gloria Delaneuf

After eighteen months of scratch performances, feedback nights and five weeks solid on polishing shows, Suzie Donkin and Pauline Morel, from Spitz and Co, took to the stage as Josephine Cunningham and Gloria Delaneuf in Gloriator, a lighthearted comedy loosely based on the minor female roles accounted for in Ridley Scotts 2000 movie epic Gladiator, and which won 'Wildfire Critics Choice Award' from Exeter Ignite 2014.

The performance took particular scenes from the well known movie, and took a spin to bring the perspective of the female roles. The aim that Suzie and Pauline wanted was for the audience to believe in the characters they were playing, so Josephine at the start would sell raffle tickets on stage to win a brooch, and would say they were £5 each, which the audience believed, but then by the end of the performance, everyone watching would understand that …

JOLT International Theatre Festival: The Book Crasher

The Book Crasher: A Boy Without a Story

String Theory Theatre


Puppeteers - Elise Heaven

Actor/Musician - Samuel Blenkin

The Book Crasher is a story told through the art of puppets, and a journey in which one particular puppet, the main character, goes through to find which book he belongs to. The show is narrated with the help of Samuel Blenkin, who plays the Book Shops owners son, who now is the owner, and is going to close up the store after having no customers.

The story goes through the puppet boys journey in finding his story that he belongs to, meaning he goes through books in the store, and enters them, but finds no luck. One story used, The Twelve Huntsmen, I was not familiar with, but I still felt like I was going through this puppets journey with him, and still felt engaging.

The balance between humor and emotion is balanced perfectly, and felt really touched as the story was coming to a close, but this could not have been possibly without the talent that was being per…

JOLT International Theatre Festival: A Drift in Gloucester

A Drift in Gloucester

Mammalian Diving Reflex/ Increase the Peace/ Gloucester Youth Theatre Company

To kick start the first ever JOLT International Theatre Festival, which has been in development for just over two years, Mammalian Diving Reflex, from Canada, took to the stage to present 'A Drift in Gloucester', a day to day lowdown on the events Darren O'Donnell, Sanjay Ratnan, Virginia Antonipillai, plus young people from Increase the Peace and Gloucester Youth Theatre Company, undertook in helping the residents of Gloucester with their daily lives.

After a brief introduction from the participants on stage, Sarah Blowers, the events organizer for JOLT, took to the stage to explain she wanted to get Mammalian involved in the festival from a project she saw of theirs entitled 'Haircuts by Children', which then Darren spoke about the fact Mammalian aim to discomfort their audience in order to make communication more lively.

Their main project, after finding a man fro…

NT Live: Skylight ★★★★

National Theatre Live
Thursday 17th July 2014

The set is designed with a background of a block of flats, where in the foreground, is a set up of one of these flats, this one belonging to Kyra. It also has moveable walls that hide the bathroom area, but open up to show the walkway outside the flat.

The play begins with Kyra coming home from teaching, putting on a bath, and getting ready to make Tea, when Edward, Tom's Son, walks in whilst Kyra's back is turned, which makes her jump. Edward is there to say how bad his dad has been, ever since his mum, Tom's Wife, passed away to Cancer jut around a year ago.

The Chemistry between Carey and Matthew is really electric and they really work together and bounce off each other quite brilliantly, and Matthews constant change in emotion is so smooth and realistic, it just really makes the dialogue between him and Carey so professional and polished.

After Edward has walked out, Kyra starts to get in her bath, when suddenly th…