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My Top 10 Shows of 2016

It's fair to say that 2016 has been a brilliant year for theatre, and below I have compiled a rundown of my top 10 favourite productions that I have witnessed this year, in no particular order.

1. The Notebook, Warwick Arts Centre
'When you hear that the performance will contain sexual references, for a show like this you may think that it wouldn't phase you as they are just reading from a book, but I found myself strangely wanting to cover my ears throughout these segments, because they became very graphic quite quickly, and I believe that this effect only came about by the sheer brilliance of pace and timing from the two performers, and this must also be a testimony to Tim Etchells brilliant directing of the piece.'

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2. May Contain Food, Warwick Arts Centre

'The performance itself was a mixture of dance and acting, with, like a traditional restaurant and shown in our menus, we had a four course meal, with a Starter, Main, ‘Green’, and End, and…


New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham
23rd December 2016Based on the 1926 play of the same name, Chicago is most famous for it's sensual sequences and strong female characters that is so brilliant perceived in the 2002 musical film, and holds the record for the longest running musical in Broadway history, and after tonight's performance in Birmingham starring Hayley Tamaddon as lead Roxie Hart, I can really see the appeal to this musical and why it is loved by so many.I can't pinpoint one moment where this entire ensemble failed to keep me entertained in this incredibly slick production that kept a smile on my face and feet tapping throughout, and for someone who hasn't heard the soundtrack as much as others, I was pleasantly surprised about how many of the songs I actually knew or astounded that they were related to the musical.Hayley Tamaddon I personally thought was phenomenal as Roxie Hart and really drew myself into the action as I watched her own the stage w…

THEATRE REVIEW: Treasure Island ★★★

Treasure Island Birmingham REP Theatre 25th November 2016 - 7th January 2017
Continuing on with their annual family shows at The REP after 2015’s production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is 'Treasure Island’, a shoe I fondly remember watching at The National Theatre only last year. As you walk into the auditorium you are transformed into the 19th century with a beautifully designed set with sails high up in the rigs and a carefully constructed border which sits perfectly within the production.
The plot in this production is very slumped throughout the production though, with a lack of tension when the action is heating up, but also the main details to the plot at times seem very rushed, especially at the end of act one following an uproar on the boat where the climax of the action seeks lost with all the jumble on stage, so much that you forget what happened in the end of the previous act when the second act commences.
The only reassuring feature about this production is the…