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MUSICAL REVIEW: The World Goes 'Round ★★★★

  The World Goes ‘Round BarnFest, Cirencester Monday 24th August, Saturday 5th September 2020 When the government announced that Live Theatre could resume from 11th July 2020, The Barn Theatre in Cirencester took this and created, rather brilliantly, BarnFest, an outside Festival with audience seated underneath a marquee, and programmed 9 extraordinarily different productions, catering to all ages, and ranging from one person shows (including Tweedy The Clown), right through to a rather sporty take on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream from Scoot Theatre! Receiving the press invite for their latest production of ''The World Goes 'Round'' initially made my heart skip a beat, because even though I had already attended my first bit of outdoor theatre a few days prior at The Minack for Educating Rita, the thought of being back at The Barn Theatre was such a giddy moment, with the institution being one that constantly evolves to new heights and pushes it'

THEATRE REVIEW: Educating Rita ★★★

 Educating Rita The Minack Theatre, Cornwall Tuesday 18th - Sunday 30th August 2020 Following the Government's guidance that outdoor performances could resume from Saturday 11th July 2020, Willy Russell's Educating Rita, which was first performed in June 1980, sees it's remount of the production for this very special 40th anniversary in the most glorious of venues, The Minack Theatre, which boasts the most remarkable view, something that can most certainly be adhered to, and certainly makes up for the lack of spectacle from some creative decisions in terms of set for this production. With Stephen Tompkinson and Jessica Johnson as Frank and Rita respectfully, the action on stage is none other than pure hilarity, as Rita is determined to be tutored and find a real passion within her life, where her relationships otherwise flounder. Together, Max Roberts clearly states through his direction the real struggle that our two protagonists create as they both fight for shaping the o

THEATRE REVIEW: Blindness ★★★★★

  Blindness The Donmar Warehouse, London Saturday 1st - Saturday 22nd August 2020 Returning to the theatre in any capacity was always going to be an unnerving, potentially a hrrowing time for many people, and even the thought of heading back into the buildings of worship in which the theatre industry cherishes so much may put a lot of people off, but The Donmar Warehouse have done something rather extraordinary and revolutionary; Blindness, the first major production to open within a theatre since March 17th 2020 in the UK, sees Juliet Stevenson (Hamlet, The Doctor, Mary Stewart) voice the character of The Doctor’s Wife, a woman who pretends to go blind when a huge pandemic hits the whole country, and steals her husband away to an undisclosed location. Of course with Blindness, just as the title has many meanings within itself, Juliet Stevenson is not actually situated within the Donmar’s stalls auditorium, but instead in our head and ears, aswe listen through headphones the binaural e