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RENT Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester Friday 30th October - Wednesday 4th October 2020 Friday 27th November - Sunday 20th December 2020 (RENT ONLINE) What solidifies RENT as a true gasmic nature of the musical theatre world is the open and honest depiction of AIDs and HIV in the 80s, where this time was riff in the disease and known widely but spoken like a taboo subject, and whilst previous productions of Jonathan Larson’s RENT has strayed away from the heart of the story, and instead inject production values that hit the roof and come across brash, The Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester have rather opted to strip back the material to it’s bare bones, and showcase the real essence of the story, with a definitive production that puts every member of it’s cast at the centre of the action, which some visual masterpieces included. Throughout the performance, which lasted over two and a half hours, I had two gentlemen next to me (divided by a perspex screen), that clearly burst with excitement a