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THEATRE REVIEW: The Twilight Zone ★★★

The Twilight Zone
Ambassadors Theatre, London
Monday 4th March - Saturday 1st June 2019
Adapted from the American Francis's cult classic TV series, which originally ran between 1959-1964, with the most recent, third revival, airing later this year from Writer and Director Jordan Peele, The Twilight Zone transported viewers into another dimension, years before other sci-fi shows Doctor Who and Star Trek came along, and at the time was unlike anything yet to be seen on television screens. Anne Washburn's adaption to the stage brings to life stories often intertwined, with some standalone tales, but fails to bring imagination and wonder that other productions in London such as Harry Potter are continuing to excel through the medium of magic.
This production, often weaved through with the themes of humanity and self-defence, within the moment become masterpieces within Washburn's vision, whilst mixed together with Mimi Jordan Sherin & D.M Wood's translucent lighting , and …

THEATRE REVIEW: Berberian Sound Studio ★★★

Berberian Sound Studio
Donmar Warehouse, London
Friday 8th February - Saturday 30th March 2019
Based on the 2012 film written by screenwriter Peter Strickland, Berberian Sound Studio centres around Gilderoy (Tom Brooke), who has been brought in especially after being spotted by his nature documentaries, to provide the sound effects for a horror film, with the 1970s setting.
Running at 90 minutes, the play starts with a slowburn, though would account for it being very humourous, as Gilderoy enters the studio for the first time and is greeted by his Italian team of foley artists, actresses, and the eccentric and mysterious producer, Francesco (Enzo Cilenti), who accompanies to Gilderoys needs to brushes aside his visitors need to be reimbursed from his flight over.
Brooke is fascinating throughout the whole production, who rarely leaves the stage, and even in the quieter moments, particular in a moment eating a roll with Silvia (Lara Rossi) after a late night in the studio, the silence on s…

THEATRE REVIEW: Institute ★★★★

Bristol Old Vic
Tuesday 26th - Saturday 30th March 2019
From the acclaimed physical theatre company Gecko, Institute is a production set in wherever you headspace feels the piece is surrounded, whether this may be a hospital, an office, or an asylum. Just like with some of their previous work, Gecko never make their end result the most clear, but that invites the audience in a beneficial way to create their own perception on what they take away, and Institute is no exception.
I have to go ahead and say that I thoroughly enjoyed this production, which made me instantly laugh and connect with the characters in a heartbeat. Chris Swain and Amit Lahav's lighting design brought atmosphere and stunning moments through that made many of the audience members surrounding myself laugh and gasp in awe, which could easily be said again for Lahav and Rhys Jarman's vision in set design, with towering cabinets hiding some spectacular secrets inside, just like the files themselves which…

THEATRE REVIEW: Sunrise ★★★★★

Soho Theatre, London
Monday 18th March - Saturday 8th June 2019
Jessie Cane's hilarious and brutal first production, I LOVED HER, is surpassed in her  follow-up, Sunrise, on all cylinders as she talks in at times graphic detail relating to the breakup of her previous boyfriend and well known comic, Alfie Brown. A laugh a minute even at the most serious and tender moments, Cave pours her heart out and is not afraid to speak her mind in this one-woman show.
Set as an intimate production in the Soho theatre, we go on a journey with Cave which kicks off with a somewhat dialogue between a pillowed illustration of Brown and herself, as she becomes obsessed with wanting to know the sex count of her ex, and instantly connects with the audience through fourth wall techniques which involves a female member of the audience, one of which there are many in the audience, showing a true power of women sticking together and laughing through the awkward moments in which I'm sure we can all…

THEATRE REVIEW: Les Gloriables ★★★★

Les Gloriables
The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol
Tuesday 19th - Saturday 23rd March
We all know the story of Jean Valjean, the bread-stealing man, otherwise known as 24601, and who is the protagonist of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, but for Gloria Delaneuf her version is full more of the real emotion in her version of this 'life-changing' piece, full with huge laughs and clever writing with a big chunk of audience participation... and nudity.
As a huge fan of Spitz & Co's previous productions, Gloriator and Glorilla, newcomer Lise Boucon, who steps in the role as Gloria following Pauline Morel, is an incredible addition to this English/French comedy duo, with Susie Donkin as ever making the perfect Josephine Cunningham in this final segment of their trilogy, leaving the best one till last, with a fantastically design and multi-purpose set from Sue Condie.
In terms of the premise, Josephine as ever is the sweet friend and comedy partner to the ever effortlessly stunning and…

THEATRE REVIEW: Betrayal ★★★★

Betrayal Harold Pinter Theatre Tuesday 5th March - Saturday 8th June 2019
Coming off the back of the ‘Pinter at the Pinter Season’, which ran as part of seven different productions involving twenty plays divided between numerous directors, Betrayal is fresh off the season and directed by Jamie Lloyd, starring Zawe Ashton, Tom Hiddleston, and Charlie Cox. Having seen every one of the seven productions previous to this installment, it feels fitting that this was left to be a stand-alone, due to the stripped back nature and simplicity, something that lends itself well with the creative aspects from this performance.
Following a seven-year romance, which Pinter has cleverly devised in a way that the story is never linear, as we watch the disheartening climax of a broken relationship before retracing right back towards the humble beginnings, it gives a heightened sense of characterisation and focus on the feelings that we gain for these characters, played stunning by a superb casting. Ashton e…

THEATRE REVIEW: Glengarry Glen Ross ★★

Glengarry Glen Ross
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham Monday 4th - Saturday 9th March 2019
There has only once in my lifetime been a moment where I have genuinely considered leaving a performance, not due to the subject matter, but the way the performance had been received with such a cold manner, and surprising this was the case with Glengarry Glen Ross, a production in which prior to going on tour ran at The Playhouse Theatre in London to rave reviews, ultimately making me very intrigued to see what all the hype was about,a nd I feel like if I had seen it whilst in London I would have been more deflated as I was during this run in Cheltenham.
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize 1984, Glen Ross centres four salesmen becoming more desperate to succeed at their business as with the arrival of a motivational salesmen, they are told that by the end of the week two will be soon fired. I won't lie by saying that I just had to read that off a Wikipedia  page as currently my thoughts on this play share …