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THEATRE REVIEW: A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings ★★★

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Little Angel Theatre, London Sunday 15th January

Kneehigh have done it again for their current production at The Little Angel Theatre in London, with their latest masterpiece of ‘A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings’, a children’s production based off the short story from Gabriel García Márquez, which the adapted tale tells the story of a village surrounded by sadness, until one day a mysterious figure falls from the sky, and suddenly the town is thrown into a frenzy as they are the most talked about village on the news.

Performed by only four actors playing multiple roles each with their beautifully designed puppets, these performers put their heart into making this show as entertaining for the families in the audience as possible, and this really showed especially in the interval when they came out into the auditorium and asked some of the kids if they would help set up the village for fete, so with that the kids helped set up bunting around the whole ro…

MUSICAL REVIEW: Half a Sixpence ★★★★

Half a Sixpence Noel Coward Theatre, London Saturday 14th January 2017
There comes a time every so often where I watch a show which completely enthrals me, really captivating myself every moment of the production, just like Mary Poppins did last year, and now Half a Sixpence, a show which I loved every single minute of from start to finish, and due to every aspect of this entrancing performance.
Straight from the beginning where we initially meet childhood sweethearts Arthur Kipps (Charlie Stemp) and Ann Pornick (Devon-Elise Johnson), we are instantly following this incredible chemistry between the characters thanks to Kemp and Johnson respectfully. For a show were 5*s have been plastered on every billboard and poster, this may come as no surprise, but to see these two play alongside each other is such a treat and an honour to witness.
What was so thrilling about this production also was how beautiful all the music was and controlled chaos within these sequences, an example of which being…

THEATRE REVIEW: Dead Funny ★★★

Dead Funny 14th January 2017 Vaudeville Theatre, London
Celebrating the classics of comedy through the decades, this production centre’s around the Dead Funny Society, who all come together regularly to celebrate the classic comedians such as Tommy Cooper, Morecambe and Wise, and Benny Hill, who really is the heart of the play as the meeting they have in this instance is to celebrate the life of this brilliant comic following the death of Benny Hill. Written in 1994 originally by Terry Johnson, this revival is undeniably brilliant because all the cast seem to fit into these characters with so much ease that it feels like their personas were written for them.
The writing is this production is incredibly strong due to the balance of comedy and serious topics that arise, and even though everyone is grieving in their own way on stage, it is the character of Ellie, portrayed beautifully by Katherine Parkinson, who seems to be the way who is suffering the most due to her estranged relationship …