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Giffords Circus - The Feast Fennells Farm, Stroud Friday 14th August - Sunday 11th October 2020 Replacing it’s original 20th Anniversary plans to stage The Hooley, Giffords Circus have instead opted this year to go for something a little bit different; though it’s no surprise to those who have visited regularly throughout Giffords entirety to visit and be engulfed with a three course meal before, or indeed after the annual performances held each year, the Giffords Team, originally curated by the now late Nell Gifford, have merged and rather creatively devised an intriguing concept entitled The Feast, a performance which combines the dining experience with a 90 minute performance, whetting the appetite (quite literally) for everyone who has, and continues to make their way to Fennells Farm this year. Those who may have a weary take for the offerings on display this year needn’t worry; The Feast still has all the hilarity and magic that Gifford’s excels itself on, though Tweedy’s rather

THESTRE REVIEW: Squad Goals ★★★★★

 Squad Goals Dagenham and Redbridge FC, Dagenham East Monday 14th September - Saturday 10th October 2020 An upcoming five-a-side match is looming, and two rival teams are gearing up to take the other down; Lexi (Lucy Aiston) is having a crisis, Ellie May Hague (Victoria Louise) is hoping the exposure will boost her following, it's a transfer and first for Assassina (Giorgia Falcoioni), whilst Mel (Yasmine Gazzal), well Mel just wants to be on the stage, rather than the pitch, dreaming of Drama Schools and singing 'On My Own' in Les Miserables. These women, and many others in each team, are a part of the larger picture; Squad Goals, a production centered around Woman's Football, set in an actual football ground of Dagenham and Redbridge FC. Slowly coming through the other side of the current pandemic, the inventiveness of production companies these days are going beyond what we have known before, and there really is no better backdrop to support this show than the footba

THEATRE REVIEW: Private Peaceful ★★★★★

Private Peaceful The Barn Theatre, Cirencester Thursday 10th - Sunday 27th September 2020 Following on from their highly successful run at The BarnFest earlier this year, BoxLess Theatre return with their Michael Morpurgo adapted piece Private Peaceful, which graces the main stage of The Barn Theatre, one of the most up and coming fringe venues in the Cotswolds, that has hardly stopped to produce the most groundbreaking projects throughout the lockdown. Directed by Alexander Knott, Simon Reade's stage adaption of Private Peaceful recounts the diary entries from Tommo Peaceful (Emily Costello), who at sixteen, illegally joins his brother Charlie (James Demaine) to fight for his country, trying to prove his bravery when Molly, a love interest for Tommo, goes and marries Charlie shortly before recruitment. In it's stage form, and alongside Knott, Zöe Grain's role as the Movement Director is pivotal to creating an atmospheric and fast paced environment where we meet and surroun

MUSICAL REVIEW: Sleepless A Musical Romance ★★★

Sleepless: A Musical Romance The Troubadour Theatre, Wembley Tuesday 25th August - Sunday 27th September 2020 For those who can remember, the 1993 rom-com classic Sleepless in Seattle, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, stole audiences hearts with a story of one man, Sam Baldwin, who finds himself on the radio one evening talking about his late wife, when Baltimore Sun news reporter happens to be listening in and mesmerised by his story, and so begins a story of cat and mouse, as their paths so coincidentally cross through letters and a short greeting at the airport, though the two barely know who the other is. In this musical romance comedy, staged at The Troubadour Theatre in Wembley, and becoming the first major indoor musical in the UK since restrictions were lifted recently post-lockdown, Jay McGuiness and Kimberly Walsh reunite after this BIG collaboration at The Dominion last year to fall in love every night in this production which feels too small and compact for the grand stagin

THEATRE REVIEW: Beat The Devil ★★★★

Beat The Devil The Bridge Theatre, London Thursday 27th August - Saturday 31st October 2020 The key to David  Hare's Beat The Devil is the fluidity of the piece from the text, which recounts Hares' experience with the Covid-19 disease, alongside Ralph Fiennes' exquisite performance which captures truth and a quite hefty amount of humour throughout, and continues to showcase Nicholas Hytner's role as a director, who most recently brought Alan Bennett's Talking Heads back to the public eye in the form of the BBC series airing over Lockdown, a remake from the original 80s series. With Bunny Christie's set consisting off  a large writing table and a few stationary props scattered on top to fill the background of a successfully established writing living with the illness at home, Hare's text is exactly what the world needs to hear right now, as the constant months of uncertainty and confusion put on display from our government is so effortlessly laid out bare in