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THEATRE REVIEW: Broken Biscuits ★★★★

Broken Biscuits
Birmingham REP Theatre
Tuesday 29th November 2016
Broken Biscuits is a story that centres around three GCSE graduates; Megan, Holly, and Ben, who decide to meet up every Friday in Megan's back garden shed over the summer because they all share one thing in common, and that is being a misfit, someone who goes through school not having the smoothest of rides, weather that being picked on by weight, shyness, or sexuality, all three connected to these characters. When Megan decides they should start a band and sign them up to ‘The Battle of The Bands’ at their upcoming college, we as the audience follow their journey over the 8 weeks as we watch them develop their abilities through the use of live song, with Megan on Drums, Ben on Guitar, and Holly on Flute and electronics with the help from her laptop.
I absolutely loved this production due to the energy and enthusiasm that was oozing from the performances on stage. I loved how the characters where so relatable and r…

THEATRE REVIEW: Trainspotting ★★★★★

The Vaults, London
Sunday 27th November 2016

With the sequel due to to be released in 2017, with the trailer looking just as fantastic and feeling very nostalgic from the original, Trainspotting is a Irvine Welsh novel to which in 1996 got a film adaptation. The film is still so incredibly popular today from young people discovering the film as this is probably due to their parents and grandparents raving about it when it originally came out due to it's authenticity of Scotland and the themes around drugs, so this theatre production which premiered in Edinburgh 2013 really had me excited to what I was about to get involved in, especially after hearing such unanimous reviews about how immersive the experience was to be.

I personally loved every aspect of this production, from the dingy venue layout that was hidden down an alleyway in London, to then walking into this boarded front of house foyer with a bar and spray paint all up the ways to add to the authenticity, to the…


Gasp! Warwick Arts Centre Wednesday 16th November
Gasp at Warwick consisted of two duo's divided by an interval, with the first being 'Knot’ performed by Nikki & JD, which delved into the physicality of relationships, which the second duo Alessandro & Maxime performed ‘Gasp!’, a piece about being childish with the items that you have around you, and the thing that really resonated with both acts is how much the audience were really on the edge of their seats, which included me, as we watched the duo's perform death defying movements that really did have the audience gasping for breath!
I really appreciated the dynamics of the duo’s performing on stage as they really gave so much passion and focus into what they were creating on stage. Nikki & DJ were a fantastic partnership and showed brilliant emotion as they narrated us through the piece in little bursts before then entering into a sequence which was fast-paced but thought-provoking. Alessandra & Maxime on th…

THEATRE REVIEW: Absurd Person Singular ★★★

Absurd Person Singular
Warwick Arts Centre
Thursday 10th NovemberThe drama society at Warwick University are a very special collective; from all the productions I have seen on theirs, they have been innovative and very creative, always choosing the best of theatre to present, and Absurd Person Singular continues in this trend in every aspect!The performances given from the whole cast are brilliant, really looking into their lines and giving us an interesting look into the characters they are portraying. The characters are those that you can find very relatable in friends we may know. Bethan Pitts and Sean O'Driscoll are captivating to watch on stage as Jane and Sidney Hopcroft, whereas Rosie Shufflebotham is I believe the highlight of the evening as Eva Jackson,  especially in the productions act where we are in the kitchen of the Jackson's for a Christmas party, which is the second of three consecutive bashes that we see during the production. The way she presents the addict…

THEATRE REVIEW: Pride and Prejudice ★★★

Pride and Prejudice
Birmingham REP Theatre
Wednesday 9th November 2016Following on from it’s sold out run at the open air Regent’s Park Theatre, this production of Pride and Prejudice, based off an 1813 novel from Jane Austen which has since been turned into a mini TV Series and a 2005 film starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen, has transferred to Birmingham REP Theatre in the middle of it’s current tour across the country.I have known about Jane Austen’s work through the media and my social groups, but I have not actually read a book by her’s or seen any footage from the movies and TV series that have been produced regarding her books, so going into this production would be for me a new experience in this sense, and knowing how I am not that much of a fan of classic pieces of literature or theatre, I felt very wary but at the same time optimistic in knowing how I was going to feel watching this production, because I have heard nothing but great things regarding Austen’s work…

COMEDY REVIEW: Beyond The Ridiculous ★★★

Beyond The Ridiculous
The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol
Sunday 6th November 2016

It's my first time at The Wardrobe Theatre and Beyond The Ridiculous, a comedy show showcasing fooling, a technique which involves one performer taking to the stage and creating a performance through the sights and sounds around them at the time. This production happens on the first Sunday of every month, which currently has booking until June 2017 and is facilitated by Holly Stoppit.

This comedy evening was very relevant and relatable to me personally having just completed a module at university which surrounded clowning, so I found that I recognised many techniques that I was taught through the five performers who performed in this particular show.

What I found fascinating was the entrance of the performer, because when they came on stage and stood in front of us, I was thoroughly intrigued of how they would make a performance from the silence of the audience. It made me think back to a rule I was tau…

MUSICAL REVIEW: The Grinning Man ★★★★

The Grinning Man
Bristol Old Vic
Saturday 5th November 2016For months I have seen the intriguing poster for 'The Grinning Man’ and have every time said I would love to go, and with reviews praising the production so much, it really got me excited and full of big expectations, but did it live up to the hype in my mind?I walked into the auditorium, to which I was in the Gallery, the top seating at Bristol Old Vic, to be welcomed to what I think was the most creative stage design I have seen since 'Under Milk Wood’, as the mouth of Grinpayne, our main protagonist in this production played stunningly by Louis Maskell, was stretched out all across the top and bottom of the stage, so I visualised throughout the whole performance that all the action on stage was coming from inside his mouth! The grotty curtain was the words 'The Grinning M’ also made the atmosphere feel very circus like with it's lettering, and throughout the performance this genre of circus comes into play …