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ManAlive! Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham 29th January 2015
Box Tale Soup never fail to impress me. Having watched their previous productions at The Everyman, of Northanger Abbey and Casting The Runes, I had real high hopes for their latest adaption of G.K Chesterton's novel, ManAlive, and I was certainly not disappointed.
From the very beginning, although there is silent on stage, whilst the two actors are present, but still, in the centre, you can really feel the vibe and energy coming of the characters in an instant, and as soon as music kicks in, and vocals are produced from both on stage, you suddenly feel in awe as you become transported into such a wondrous world. The puppets used are completely handmade, with brilliant touches to clothing, and written book quotes woven into the costumes, they are the real highlights of any show, because Noel and Antonia do a fantastic job in bringing these puppets to life.
But it is the arrival of Innocent Smith that for me sent shivers down my sp…

THEATRE REVIEW: Unknown Male ★★★

Unknown Male Birmingham Repertory Theatre January 28th 2015
We always hear these stories, sometimes more often than not, of when individuals jump onto the tracks of the railway and are unfortunately hit by an oncoming train. We usually never know what intentions those individuals have moments before, but more importantly, we never know what kind of effects it has for the drivers. Now though, thanks to Stephanie Ridings brand new story, Unknown Male, we find out  not only what the consequences are like for the driver of the train, but also for their family too.
We are first introduced to the characters as they are entering the court, which we return to nearing the end of the play, before we are soon brought back to the day of the event. We soon are took the lives of Lorraine, a mother and the driver, Emily, Lorraine's 16 year old daughter, and Mark, Emily's Step-Father.
The story follows the lives of these three characters, whilst others are imagined on stage. The main focus though…

THEATRE REVIEW: Peter Pan Goes Wrong ★★★★★

Peter Pan Goes Wrong Birmingham REP Theatre 27th January 2015
Right from the start, even before curtain up, Mischief Theatre's take on this fantasy tale is a laugh-a-minute production, with the cast coming out into the auditorium whilst the audience are taking their seats, and already started causing mischief and mayhem, such as singing Happy Birthday to a member of the audience, having a row with a group of teenagers about turning their phones off, or just messing about with seats, duct taping and putting caution signs out.
We are introduced to our first two characters, Robert the Director and his right-hand man Chris, who have the audience in stitches as they retell the tales of their bad effects of previous productions, such as Oliver the Musical, and their previous pantomime, which due to budget cuts, was entitled Jack and the Bean. It was a perfect start to the show, mirroring the start of their hugely successful 'The Play that Goes Goes'. It had the audience in just the …

THEATRE REVIEW: Dead Simple ★★★

Dead Simple The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry 26th January 2015
Being Kidnapped by your best friends as a prank on your stag night, then being trapped inside a coffin in a forest, whilst your friends are involved in a drastic car crash, leaving you unknown about it, with only a walkie-talkie and an oxygen tube inside, is the exact setting for Peter James Best Selling Novel, now turned Production, Dead Simple.
With a stellar cast consisting of Holby City’s Tina Hobley, EastEnders Jamie Lomas, and Torchwood’s Rik Makarem, the book is brought to life on stage with so many twists and turns that it hardly gives you time to breath and get your head around the whole situation.
Having not read the book before seeing the production, I entered the auditorium very much in the dark about what I was about to witness, and I feel like that was definitely the best decision, as personally I was very shocked and on the edge of my seat throughout, as I did not see many of the story’s twists coming in the sligh…

BALLET REVIEW: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ★★★

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Royal English Ballet 16th December 2014
Lewis Carroll's fairytale story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was brought to the stage by the Royal English Ballet.
This was the first time that I had decided to go actively to the cinema to watch a screening of Ballet, and my main reason was because, even though before when I watched Ballet in person, I never really connected with the story, but having been familiar with Lewis Carroll's enchanting story following the life of Alice, as she is transported to another world, I knew I was going to enjoy this production, but not as much as I expected leaving the cinema later that evening.
I say this because the production was memorising to watch on screen. I am not an expert on dance, but I thought every single one of the cast and ensemble really shone throughout. It goes goes to prove that actions and movement are equally, if not more, effective than actual words being portrayed through on stage.