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The Weir Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham Saturday 30th September 2017 Now in it’s 20th year after debuting at The Royal Court in 1997, Conor McPherson’s The Weir, which won Best New Play at The Oliviers in 1999, is centered around one evening where the local folk of an Irish village indulge in ghost stories of their past whilst drinking in the derelict pub. I was initially intrigued by this show a couple of years back with the praise given by my Irish lecturer from university, and I can mostly see after watching this performance where he was coming from! The production started off beautifully with what felt like a journey through light as the sequence spilled across the pub setting before Jack (Sean Murray) entered the stage and was hypnotising as we watched on in silence for around three minutes as we watched him bring the pub to life, making us laugh but all together helping himself to a bottle of guinness. He had so much presence on stage right from the beginning and that di

THEATRE REVIEW: The Caretaker ★★★

The Caretaker Bristol Old Vic Wednesday 27th September 2017 Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker, a three act play which first premiered in 1960, still proves to this day, with the help of Christopher Haydon’s subtle but captivating direction, to be a play that continues to resonate with audiences, and though not intentionally, could be seen as a wise choice to bring to Bristol Old Vic in the current climate that we live in through the political world. The real heart of this production goes towards the three main actors on stage, to whom without their involvement, this production would not have continued to flood my imagination following on from leaving the venue, and that’s a real credit to the performer's abilities. Patrice Naiambana, an African artist from Sierra Leone, portrayed the role of Davies with such sensitivity and raw emotion that the process of acting seemed to vanish with his character as he engaged the audience with such ease. His style of performance allowed hi


Yerma National Theatre Live Encore Tuesday 19th September 2017 Yerma is a tale about a woman, Her (Billie Piper), who along with her husband John (Brendan Cowell) decide that now in their thirties they would like to try for a baby, but as the duration of the story unfolds, this soon becomes less likely even with them trying many methods including yoga and IVF. This is Simon Stone's interpretation of the Federico Garcia Lorca masterpiece, or how I would justice exactly what I saw unfold on at The Young Vic Theatre. This production truly is breathtaking from start to finish. Separated into around seven chapters with many sub headings that are boldly shown to the audience, the emotional transitions from every character is so clearly stated due to the sheer brilliance from the whole company. Piper and Cowell are a force to be reckoned with when their chemistry on stage is pushed within their characters right to the end of their harrowing relationship; we watch around 12 years pass

MUSICAL REVIEW: Miss Saigon ★★★★

Miss Saigon Birmingham Hippodrome Saturday 16th September 2017 Opening up on the West End in 1989, Miss Saigon is set during the Vietnam war in the 1970’s and follows the life of Kim (Aynrand Ferrer) falling in love with U.S Marine Chris (Ashley Gilmour). The musical from Claude-Michel Schõnberg was reportedly taken from a photograph he saw of a mother leaving her child at the gates of an airport ready to board a plane to the United States. Now I had seen this musical previously back in 2014 when the 25th anniversary performance was screened at the cinema, but never had I seen it live, so I was very excited to see it performed on stage, and I was not disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed this production due to the slickness and attention to detail in every scene; the changes between sequences were especially clever, for example the transition from ‘The Last Night in the World’ sung by Kim and Chris in Saigon 1975 to ‘The Morning of the Dragon’ in Ho Chi Minh City’ in April 1978

MUSICAL REVIEW: Jesus Christ Superstar ★★★

Jesus Christ Superstar Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre Thursday 7th September 2017 After a sell-out production of this summer in 2016 at the same venue, Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar has returned to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, which for me was a first outing at the beautiful theatre, sadly though the same could not be said for this particular production, though I should have foreseen the situation due to the distaste I have in another Lloyd Webber production, Joseph. When you look into a production so big of a success as Jesus is at the open air theatre, you are bombarded with beautiful shots of the action on stage melted together perfectly with the scenic lighting which makes the whole feel and excitement to see the show overwhelming, but I think what hinders the production so much is the idea to make it an outdoor production, because on this particular performance which happened to be a matinee, I kept distracting myself away from the actio