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THEATRE REVIEW: The Girl on The Train ★★★

The Girl on the TrainEveryman Theatre, Cheltenham Monday 28th January - Saturday 2nd February 2019
Based on the best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins, Samantha Womack plays Rachel Watson, an divorced, alcoholic woman who everyday for the last six months of losing her job, watches from her train carriage at a woman and fantasises about her life until one day she goes missing, and the only lasting image in Rachel's mind is this woman's body being held by a man who is not her husbands. 
Never having read the book or seen the film, I went into this production completely dark but it  had not been without knowing the huge impact in what this book had originally become; I was fully aware of the premise and it was one that excited me hugely initially, with the thriller genre being a personal favourite, so I was extremely excited to watch this production, and though overall I felt feeling somewhat satisfied, there were moments that sadly didn't quite struck a cord with my emotions.


Violet Charing Cross Theatre, London 14th January - 6th April 2019
Based off ‘The Ugliest Pilgrim’, a short story by Doris Betts, Violet is a Broadway musical with Book & Lyrics by Brian Crawley which follows the story of Violet Karl (Kaisa Hammarlund) who goes on a journey from the state of Tulsa, right the way though to Spruce Pine, covering a total distance of 921 miles, on a Greyhound Bus. In search for a remedy to the disfigured look on her face which she has been living with since a serious accident as a child, Violet meets and falls in love with the array of characters who she meets on her journey, most notably Flick (Jay Marsh) and Monty (Matthew Harvey).
Set in traverse at The Charing Cross Theatre, Director Shuntaro Fujita makes excellent use of the minimal staging and equality in the using of having two sides of an audience to share the action with, and most importantly taking full advantage of the different entrances around the space. The problem that I really had with the…


Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham 
Monday 21st - Saturday 26th January 2019

Based on the film, to which is referenced in this stage adaption, Fame has evolved into a six season tv series, based on the students of New York's High School of Performing Arts. The Musical, which journeys the students time at the school from auditions to their graduation has hints of Rent running throughout with the themes and is sure to be a entertain the masses to the majority of fans looking for a nostalgia moment from their childhoods, but for a modern audience will sure to become dated.

Set in the 1980s, our ensemble of juvenile, multi-cultural and talented performers bring us on a journey of love and heartbreak, both personal and professional, in a musical which doesn't seem to bring anything new to the way that drama school is now exposed  we now  on stage and cinema.  Nick Piazza (Keith Jack) and Serena Katz (Molly McGuire) are the love-struck couple who have secret feelings for each other and a…

MUSICAL REVIEW: Caroline, Or Change ★★★★

Caroline, Or Change
Playhouse Theatre, London
Tuesday 20th November 2018 - Saturday 2nd March 2019

With a combination of Blues, Motown, and Jewish style folk in this musical with lyrics from Tony Kushner (Angels in America), 'Caroline, Or Change' tells the story of the titular character, Caroline Thibodeaux, a black maid who serves the Gellman Family for only $30 a week, to help provide for her family, and shares a bond with the young Gellman son, Noah (Aaron Gelkoff), who secretly leaves money in his pants to be washed, which results in Caroline reluctantly refusing to take the money until the amount grows and she starts to take.

Sharon D Clarke, a veteran to TV and Stage, excels in the role of Caroline, to which she embodies such a no-nonsense strong female voice to which would inspire any young women, needless of background or colour. She engulfs the stage in her presence, and when interacting with the whole cast really electrifies her performance and bond with each actor she d…

THEATRE REVIEW: The Cane ★★★★★

The Cane
Royal Court Theatre, London
Thursday 6th December - Saturday 26th JanuaryWhen Anna (Nicola Walker) returns home days prior to her Dad's retirement party from the state school that he has worked at and climbed the ranks for the last 45 years, she is curious to find out why up to 100 school kids are outside throwing verbal and physical abuse to her childhood home, were axe marks are still visible from a turbulent time she experienced from her teenage years are still apparent. Mark Ravenhill’s ‘The Cane’ grabbles with the themes of abuse in schools, and how the long-suffering punishment of the dreaded Cane can leave a damaging mental scar for the long run!Alun Armstrong and Maggie Steed portray husband and wife Edward and Maureen, who own a tattered household and come across as an old school couple, where Edward finds himself in the office whilst Maureen stays at home and does the chores, but when the unexpected arrival of daughter Anna is thrown into the mix, old wounds are…