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DIGITAL THEATRE REVIEW: What a Carve Up! ★★★★★

What A Carve Up! Online Production Film Saturday 31st October - Sunday 29th November 2020 In the strange times that we have somehow found ourselves in within the last seven months, one thing that has got many of us through is binging our favourite shows; wether you enjoyed the National Theatre Live Thursday Screenings, or got sucked into the world of Joe Exotic and the Tiger King madness, in a strange way it brought us all together. What A Carve Up!, a co-production between The Barn Theatre (Cirencester), Lawrence Batley Theatre (Huddersfield), and New Wolsey Theatre (Ipswich), have all somehow achieved what could easily fight off these former creative outlets, with a stellar cast and intriguing storyline, that will challenge and excite your emotions, and could have people talking about for a very long time to come. The haunting tale, and one that immediately grabs your attention, of a family full of mischievous lies and backstabbing relatives, immediately throws you into this juggerna


Bubble  Nottingham Playhouse Friday 23rd - Saturday 24th October 2020 From a survey taken back in April, at the height of Lockdown, it was stated that only 18% of married couples were satisfied with their communication between their partners. In James Graham's latest outing 'Bubble', Morgan George (Jessica Raine) and Ashleigh Parks (Pearl Mackie) may not have have this same issue, or they might, it's just the way that Graham toys with the idea of two visions, Bubble and Apart, that leaves us as the audience to contend with which one we are more satisfied ourselves to see this newly formed couple contend with. Throwing it right back to March, when the lockdown was announced, Ashley has been made redundant from her Micropub, and Morgan has been sent home from her teaching job, with the two measuring up whose apartment they should stay in, if they are going to choose each other as their bubble partner, that comes with some hilarity in throwbacks for ourselves that remember

MUSICAL REVIEW: First Date ★★★

First Date Online Production 22nd - 24th October 2020 Having first ran in Seattle 2012, before travelling all over the world over the next four years, Lambert Jackson and Crazy Coqs, the stylish, booshie destination in the heart of London, presents First Date The Musical, an entire online production, featuring Simon Lipkin (Nativity, All In a Row) and Samantha Barks (The Last Five Years) as Aaron and Casey, both experiencing, as the title suggests, their first encounters with each other, which often leads throughout to moments of enduring awkwardness and misguided storytelling, some which present themselves with comedic timing from the multi-rolling brilliance of Oscar Conion-Morrey (Only Fools and Horses), Nicholas McLean (Wicked) and Danielle Steers (Danielle Steers).  Whilst all of the above might sound appetising, and enough to whet the appetite, it must also be said that the production doesn’t come without its faults, as some directional source from Dean Johnson leaves very little

MUSICAL REVIEW: Marry Me a Little ★★★★

 Marry Me A Little The Barn Theatre, Cirencester Friday 16th October - Sunday 8th November 2020 First seen staged in the UK in 1982, but having opened off-Broadway two years prior, Marry Me a Little tells the sombre, rather downbeat story of a Man (Rob Houchen), and Woman (Celinde Schoenmaker), both who never truly meet within the production, but we see besotted with the urn to see eachother, and imagine the encounters, if they were to ever rekindled what we feel like is a result of a failed relationship, something I think we could all relate to at some point in our lives, some who may have felt this even more recently with the stress of lockdown, giving this Barn Theatre production a real meaning and purpose to be staged at such a pivotal stage. The Barn Theatre has often developed underrated gems in the past; in many similarities that could be mirrored with their 2019 production of Daddly Long Legs, Gregor Donnelly is back here with an elegant, if not entirely rustic, staging that fl


C-O-N-T-A-C-T Various Locations, London Monday 31st August - Sunday 11th August Split up between three seperate locations around London, with this review coming from Central, just across from London Bridge, C-O-N-T-A-C-T is an immersive, 50 minute production focusing on the life of Sarah (Laura White), who we follow around, listening to her thoughts, as well as her mumbling singing ability, right before encountering a mysterious figure in the form of a man (Max Gold). Without giving too much away, there's more to Gold's character than meets the eye, as we are whisked much further away than our feet can travel, whilst we're planted on the ground. With the production fully immersed through our ears via an audio provided on a specially built smartphone app, the actors themselves mouth along to the audio with almost perfect unison. It should be noted here that the voices are that of Aoife Kennan and Richard Heap, who would be performing the exact same show, simultaneously in a