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THEATRE REVIEW: The Silver Sword ★★★

The Silver Sword The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry Saturday 26th September 2015 It's the opening night of this musical adaptation of Ian Serraillier's novel of The Silver Sword, and it's a packed out house as the audience wait in anticipation to watch the action unfold on stage. Straight away just from entering the auditorium you almost feel the sense of being transported back in time the events after WWII, as where this novel was set in Poland, just from the rustic look of the set on stage, where crates, baskets, chairs and carts are all piled on, with also the addition to the piano, which has been cleverly camouflaged on the stage. The lighting also gives the set a wartime feel with the golden feel to the production. As the production starts, all the company arrive on stage and introduce themselves as 'Storytellers', and with a whole array of instruments, start to play and speak of the 'The Teller of the Tales', a perfectly written catchy tune

THEATRE REVIEW: This Is How We Die ★★★★

This Is How We Die Warwick Arts Centre Tuesday 19th May 2015 Entering the studio at Warwick arts Centre, you are faced with a single table and chair, with a glass of water on top, and then the row of seats opposite, where the audience sit. What happened next was unlike any other theatrical event I had attended, as walking on stage and taking a seat was Chris Brett Bailey, who in the first 5-10 minutes speed through a monologue which you can almost not keep up with as he flies through his words like a the Lewis Hamilton on the track. He soon starts to slow down, as he recites a tale featuring himself and his girlfriend, who has a beehive, mentioned repeatedly throughout the performance. The thing that makes Christopher more unique then any other performer of late is the factor of managing to keep hold and engage his audience within the hour, and never losing our focus. His crisp voice and words are so precise that he hardly fails to mess up, unless he gets tongue-tied.