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RSC Live: Cymbeline ★★★

RSC Live: Cymbeline Cineworld Wednesday 28th September

Having just returned from three months volunteering abroad in South Africa for an Educational charity, one of the things I missed the most was theatre, and the sense of watching a live performance, so when I found out that a live performance of Cymbeline was being broadcasted in Cineworld, I bought a ticket straight away, and I have no regrets doing so, because the production itself was edgy, with relentless face paced energy from start to finish!

What I really enjoyed about this production was how easy I found listening to the text - It was hard at first, but once you get over the initial struggle of the language that Shakespeare so beautiful wrote, I found myself ease into the story, which was also helped I must say through the subtitles on the walls at the back, when characters like Iachimo (Oliver Johnstone) spoke in Italian with some of the other cast members, but also the imagery that was thrown into this production, with video …