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THEATRE REVIEW: Unreachable ★★★★

Royal Court, London
5th July 2016

Watching a preview of a show will never stop being exciting for myself; it gives me a sense of mystery and wonder about going into a production with no press releases or shots from the show, and so going into this production through just clearly produced online material from the company has been one of the most innovative experiences I have had going to the theatre!

For this is Unreachable, a production Written and Directed by Anthony Neilson, and was created out of improvisation from the cast throughout rehearsals. Matt Smith, who portrays Director Maxim, has spoke in interviews saying Unreachable was a big risk to come into after Doctor Who, but judging by his performance in this unmissable production, it becomes clear that it was a risk being off.

The production started with Natasha (Tamara Lawrence) walking through the bare staging background to situate herself centre stage and give out a monologue, which we soon find out is an audition, fo…

THEATRE REVIEW: Taming of the Shrew ★★★

Taming of The Shrew
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
July 4th 2016Going to The Globe Theatre should be a usual occurrence for me considering how accessible the location and how feasible the prices are - it costs only a mere £5 for a standing view - but in reality I have only seen one other play before today's performance of Taming of The Shrew, and that was back in 2012 with Midsummer Night's Dream, but from now on I think I shall be visting more just due to the sheer excitement I got from this experience.Taming of The Shrew is a Shakespearean play that I had very little knowledge on, and so I went into this performance with fresh eyes, just like my two non theatre goer friends, for the ride that we all thoroughly enjoyed due to the hilarity that the production provided, especially from Lucentio (Aaron Heffernan) & Tranio (Imogen Doel), the two comic relief characters in the play, and the sublime acting from all the company involved, especially from Aoife Duffin, who portra…