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THEATRE Review: The Great Gatsby ★★★★

The Great Gatsby Gatsby's Drugstore, London Sunday 18th November
It's 1922, and searching for the perfect American Dream, Nick Carraway is the charismatic gentleman at the centrepiece of this immersive experience based on the book and film as the same name, The Great Gatsby. Polished and refined in every detail, it was a truly incredible experience which sent us all back in time and makes me want to rush back and throw myself into the glitz and glam of the roaring 1920s.
Situated in what felt like a jumbo sized warehouse decked out to every detail to transport you to the appropriate era, from the actors around you right to the majority of the audience, the outfits where stunning and to pull of such an experience as this, which is performed only four times a week, is such a huge feet and is an incredible accomplishment when describing the plethora of talent that wowed us all on stage.
What's incredibly special about the experience you're given is that there are so many stra…

MUSICAL REVIEW: Company ★★★★

Company Gielgud Theatre, London 26th September 2018 - 30th March 2019
It’s 2018 and Stephen Sondheim’s 1970s remarkable musical, Company, has been given a sexual-orientation makeover with the usual male-lead Bobby flipped in this touching adaption to a Bobbie, performed and captured beautifully by the ever-talented Rosalie Craig. When the initial casting first announced months before the opening performance that included Broadway legend Patti Lupone and Mel Giedroyc, some were surprised to find Lupone agreeing to the production, but with her having seen that Marianne Elliott, a director like a tour-de-force with any creation she represents on stage, was at the centre on this adaption, she jumped at the chance to perform in a musical again, and you can certainly see why.
Elliott has directed what its a stunning portrayal of these seventies’ characters brought to life on stage, from the intimate settings boxed off in neon designs, to the ever growing birthday balloons representing the press…


Trafalgar Studios
8th September - 17th November 2018
First time visiting Trafalgar Studios, and very much sat in the front tier of Studio One, I was incredibly intrigued on this production that seemed to have been on everyone's lips. Writer and Actor Arinzé Kene spits out a rhythmical image which we form in our brains of the inner-city at the heart of the UK, London, with the help from video projection in the background, courtesy of Daniel Denton. From tales of the night bus to the array of passengers onboard, you are sucked into this world which revolves around Kene writing a brand new show, and the struggles he faces from his own demons right through to those closest to him.
Captivated throughout, though Kene is the main protagonist and has you in the palm of his hand, with the help from his band members, Adrian McLeod and Shiloh Coke, who multirole as various characters in Kene's life, plus Mya Napolean who cameos as the little girl, it allows the story to weave many stra…

THEATRE REVIEW: The Unreturning ★★★

The Unreturning Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham 30th October - 2nd November 2018
Expanding over three different years; 1918, 2013, and 2026, three soldiers are returning from the war, and The Unreturning delves into how the effects from the war can change a man who has fought in battle. Bringing the lives of George (1913), Frankie (2013), and brothers Nat and Finn (2026), Frantic Assembly produce a deeply thought-provoking piece of theatre with layers of sadness, anxiety and uncertainty to highlight the sufferings and long-term damage the war can have on a human, with extraordinary results.
I have been following Frantic Assembly's work for a while now, and something that always hits it mark with this company is the simplicity in stage settings and props, which mixes with the realism in character, to which in this instance I think is more apparent than any previous show of their calabra; Their main staple-point for The Unreturning comes in the form of a large cargo shipping container, to w…