JOLT International Theatre Festival: A.Loan and Scandimania


Roses Youth Theatre
Sundial Youth Theatre

A.Loan and Scandimania took to the Olympus Theatre stage on Thursday for the penultimate night of JOLT Theatre Festival, where both Youth Theatre Companies brought an array of varying performances and talents, which both captivated the audiences right throughout their shows.

First up was Roses Youth Theatre, presenting A.Loan, a story about students off to University, and the troubles they may face with money problems and leaving families behind. At the heart of the story was Dan Jepson's character, who couldn't get the loan he wanted off the bank, and Jamie Dearsley's character, who was leaving his brother, played by Alex Tailford, behind. The performance also included singing, by Samuel Blenkin, Alex Tailford, and the ensemble of actors on stage, which was flawless. Performances on stage was electric, and flowed beautiful, and credit must also be given to Sarah Blowers, who had produced and wrote the show, which is sure to treat audiences when its set to run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival next month.

Up next was Sundial Theatre Company who presented Scandimania - Gods of Fire and Ice, which foretold story's from Norse Mythology, through the art of Physical Theatre, and strong, believable characters from all involved. The use of white clothing suited the time it was set in, back millions of years ago, and fans of Marvel will enjoy the references and creations of some of their favourite characters in the piece. Fast paced movement, eye-catching choreography and professional attitudes from the cast brought what felt like a polished piece set to take, like A.Loan, Edinburgh by storm next month.

Having these two companies on stage was a nice change from the international pieces we have seen currently in the week, and both performances have potential to develop further past Edinburgh, where its clear there are bright futures ahead for a lot of the stars that performed on stage.


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