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TV REVIEW: A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong ★★★★

A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong
Saturday 30th December 2017, BBC ONE
Following on from their disastrously brilliant take on Peter Pan last year, the Cornley Polytechinc Drama Society are back once again to give the Dicken’s classic, A Christmas Carol, its ‘Goes Wrong’ treatment, even if they have been banned by the BBC. In real life, Mischief Theatre are showing no signs of stopping with this second annual coverage on the BBC Christmas schedule, with currently three West End shows, (A Play that Goes Wrong, A Comedy about a Bank Robbery, and Mischief Movie Night), with A Play also smashing it on Broadway as well as embarking on its second UK tour whilst Bank Robbery is also gearing up for its UK tour to start in mid 2018.
Unlike last years outing, the introductions have been scrapped and A Christmas Carol begins more like a heist movie, with lead actor Derek Jacobi, who in real life is a huge Mischief Theatre fan after taking Dame Maggie Smith to see A Play that Goes Wrong, escorted off…

THEATRE REVIEW: Pinocchio ★★★

National Theatre, London
28th December 2017
Adapted for the stage by Martin Lowe, Pinocchio tells the story of a puppet who forever longs to become a real boy, and on his journey meets some very strange characters along with his best friend, Jiminy Cricket (Audrey Brisson). Following on from his role of director in the critically-acclaimed Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, John Tiffany returns to bring the magic to this stunning production which’ll spark the younger audiences imaginations long after they leave the auditorium, but for the older generations who sit and watch the story unfold, the magic truly fizzes out towards the middle and never truly relights.
What I found truly fascinated by this production was just how grand everything felt, from the puppets, set, and characteristics, and right the way through to the costume. The clever use of having the adult characters such as Geppetto (Mark Hadfield) to be the actual puppets, which towered completely over the puppet …

MUSICAL REVIEW: Five Guys Named Moe ★★★★

Five Guys Named Moe
Marble Arch Theatre, London
Saturday 28th December 2017
With a score consisting of some of Louis Jordan's greatest hits mixed with Clarke Peters dialogue, Five Guys named Moe has crash landed into London at the newly pop up March Arch Theatre with a bang, and will have you jumping, clapping, humming, and even participating in the production which never stops surprising you throughout!
Having not known hardly anything about the music from Louis Jordan, I really was going in completely blind apart from the trailer, so I was a bit apprehensive as to what I was about to watch, but just by stepping inside the beautifully stunning bar and front of house at the theatre, I instantly fell in love with decor and atmosphere around. Walking into the auditorium was also another big surprise, as though I knew there was a revolve and in the round, I had no idea it was staged like a spiegeltent, with an inner and outer stalls surrounding the stage. If you are thinking of comi…


Prince Edward Theatre, London
Thursday 21st December 2017
Having opened up at The Prince Edward Theatre in London since June 2016, Disney’s Aladdin has been hailed as a spectacular hit musical wowing audiences ever since it opened. This production has though been hit with criticism since though from the public, with the premise that the musical is more like a high quality pantomime then a musical, which is why I have always been more wary of it, but after watching this production, I would safely debunk those comments as apart from one interaction with the audience, I found Aladdin to be every inch of a musical and earn it’s rightful place in the West End.

Now with such a hugely successful movie from the disney franchise, transferring it onto stage and giving off the same magic as there is in the film comes with huge expectations from the audience, and though you cannot physically fit a genie inside of a lamp, this musical really pulls out all the stops to give its audience, e…

MUSICAL REVIEW: Hamilton ★★★★★

Hamilton Victoria Palace Theatre, London Saturday 9th December
In what has easily been the most hotly anticipated show in recent years, Hamilton has finally crashed down to London and is taking London by storm with early preview reactions praising the musical like none other. Based off the Ron Chernow book, Alexander Hamilton, to which Lin Manuel Miranda, the writer and lyricist for of the production, read on a vacation during this other hit musical In The Heights,  Hamilton was first performed Off-Broadway in February 2015 at The Public Theater before finding a home to where it currently still plays in Broadway at the Richard Rogers Theater. Hamilton has now opened in London in the newly renovated Victoria Palace Theatre, but does this  Tony, Pulitzer Prize, Grammy and Obie Award Winning musical live up to the hype?
I can safely say I have never been in a room where excitement has been so riff prior to a performance. For some who have waited years to see this groundbreaking piece of…