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MUSICAL REVIEW: Book of Momon ★★★★

Book of Mormon Wednesday 22nd March 2017 Prince of Wales Theatre, London
It’s very rare nowadays to experience a production having known nothing about it prior, because even though the exact same week that I am viewing Book of Mormon is the 4th year anniversary of the show in London and 6th year in Broadway, and also the fact that I like the facebook page, apart from the odd snippet of music I hear every now and then, I knew nothing about the story, the characters, or heard a full song the whole way through. When the production first came to London, the ticket pricing was extortionate, almost estimating at £200 for a top price ticket, so entering it’s fourth year in London, and at a reasonable price of £40, I finally decided I would enter into the unknown, still completely unaware as to what I was about to experience, and what a decision I made, because for the first time in a long time with a world renowned production, I sat back to laugh and cry to a brilliant production without having…

THEATRE REVIEW: Dirty Great Love Story ★★★★

Dirty Great Love Story Arts Theatre, London Monday 6th March 2017
Winner of a Fringe First at Edinburgh in 2012, Dirty Great Love Story follows the lives of Katie (Ayesha Antoine) and Richard (Felix Scott), who both first meet at ‘Atrium’, a club to which both characters are a part of a hen & stag do. Right from the beginning, Antoine and Scott connect instantly with the audience due to the fourth wall being broke and the two actors talking to us as their characters, to which their is a brilliant homage to turning our phones off during the show, or putting it on ‘Airplane Mode’ as Felix puts it, just like the majority of us probably do, myself especially.
It’s this connection with the audience that constantly stays throughout the production because this is a recollection of the night Katie and Richard first meet and ultimately have sexual intercourse. The production is cleverly written to have all speech spoken in rhyme, and this really works considering it really allows the character…

THEATRE REVIEW: Junkyard ★★★★

Junkyard Bristol Old Vic Saturday 4th March 2017

My dad grew up in Bristol during the 1970’s - in fact he was born in 1971, and even though I have never lived in Bristol, I feel a very strong connection to the city due to the arts scene, to which has been very familiar with me the past couple of years. Junkyard, set in the year 1979, is set in Lockleaze, where we are introduced to some of the ‘troubles’ pupils of a local school, and though I mention troubled, this is varied due the families they have grown up in, or mental issues that some of the residents are associated with. This production of Junkyard is so poignant and moving, as well as incredibly funny, because it is based on the true story of ‘The Vench’, an adventure playground which was made 30 years ago and still open today.

As we are first introduced to Rick, a male teacher with the objective of setting up a team to help build this playground, we are unsure of what his motive is, but his dashing looks and mannerisms attract th…