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Birmingham REP Theatre
26th November 2014Adapted for the stage by David Wood, hundreds of children and their families packed out the REP Theatre on the opening preview night of one of Roald Dahl must loved creations, the BFG, otherwise known as 'Big Friendly Giant'. Now as this was the first preview night, the show is still being shaped by the creators, and I think it really showed in this performance, though there is no way those moments couldn't be altered to make the show become a success.The reason I mention this is because I think I show for me personally gets off to a slow start, and for the first ten minutes of the performance, there is little dialogue between any of the characters, and if there was tweaking to be done with the movement of the characters , I think the sequence of scenes could become very slick and focused. There were a few technical difficulties which could easily be fixed and changed, but even though noting all of these down, it didn't …


Shoot Festival

22nd November 2014

Shop Front Theatre, Coventry

On the 22nd November, Coventry was treated to a burst of fresh new talent, from and for all ages, in the form of Shoot Festival, brought together by Paul O’Donnell and Jen Davis, members of the REP Foundry Scheme, an artistic development programme at Birmingham REP Theatre. It brought together 10 variety of acts, from local and afar, to showcase their performances, and below you can see a run-down of those exact acts, and my thoughts on them and the whole day in general.

Bhangra Ska Sitar

The first act of the day, and also climaxing the whole festival, later on in the day, was Chris Cook and Sneha Singh, who brought the music from Coventry, including Bhangra and Ska dance floor fillers to life by playing the Sitar. Sneha, a Bollywood dancer, was present on stage during the act, and entertained the audience with her dance moves, and also invited the audience onto the stage for the final song of the climaxing show to join her in …


By Caroline Horton
Warwick Arts Centre
19th November 2014Commisioned by Warwick Arts Centre, and prior to its London run at The Bush Theatre, Caroline Horton's brand new production, Islands, a show about a place called Haven, with an Adam and Eve joining the land of eccentric characters, has been touring for two weeks whilst still in the work in process stages. The director, Omar Elerian, also spoke beforehand saying that this was in fact still being worked on, so the performance we would be watching was very unique in the fact that there would be some tweaks that would not have been their the previous showing, or indeed the one next.The show felt very cluttered, with a lot going on at the same time and not giving you time to stop and think for the majority of the performance, which lasted around 100 minutes. Though saying this, it didn't necessarily mean it was a bad show. I felt like this, along with the crazy and mad, eccentric characters, were a vital ingredient in…

THEATRE REVIEW: Souvenirs ★★★

Warwick Arts Centre
12th November 2014When you walk into the space, you enter through the curtain and it almost feels like you have entered another world, as what lies on the other side is this space full of paper, and cardboard boxes, all placed together to create this staging on many levels. There is a wooden tree with hanging strips of newspaper and scrunched up balls. There is also fairy lights draping over the top with hanging birds from it, a lantern, and lastly soothing music, accompanied with a live musician at the back. It all feels very magical, and the whole set looks really inventive and imaginative. Another nice touch is having the programmes placed in boxes on the floor for the audience to pick up, and the boxes are labelled 'Souvenirs'.The show is extremely inventive, and with just a running time of 70 minutes, takes you along a journey through different characters stories. Its very hard to explain how each segment effects you, but the way they are per…

THEATRE REVIEW: A Streetcar Named Desire ★★★★

A Streetcar Named Desire
Warwick Arts Centre
11th November 2014The first time I watched 'A Streetcar Named Desire', was earlier this year as part of National Theatre Live, which starred Gillian Anderson. At first I was unsure whether I wanted to watch the production again, but with this adaption from a different company, cast and crew, It felt like a brand new story, even though the lines were still the same, and I think this is because the way that they showed and brought this production to life was an interesting concept. The stage is set out bare, with only white walls around, meaning no set, but just two hanging lights and a ladder on one side.This adaption brought a great array of music along with it. I loved the way that even though two characters may have been communicating with each other, the way that the actors would face the audience during this felt very intimate for us as the audience, and felt like a brilliant way to keep us hooked, which almost makes you feel ap…

MUSICAL REVIEW: Dreamboats and Miniskirts ★★★

Dreamboats and Miniskirts
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
Tuesday 11th November 2014Straight from the get go of Dreamcoats and Miniskirts, we are transformed back to 1962, in the TV Studio of 'Thank Your Lucky Stars', with a rendition of 'A Picture of You', and with the backdrops of photos from the era, the show's sign hanging in the air, and the way the performers on stage are dressed, you really feel apart of the show, and it gives you a feel as to what the show has in store, because for the next two hours, we are treated to an array of different songs from many musicians from the era, and the whole show together is has a great feel to it, having the audience enjoying every song.Starting off with a poor performance on 'Thank Your Lucky Stars', with their hit Dreamboats and Petticoats, Bobby abandons Laura at the TV studio and heads back to his previous band The Conquests, to continue full time with them. They accept him back and go to Liverpool to perform '…