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THEATRE REVIEW: Three Penny Opera ★★★★

Three Penny Opera
National Theatre, London
Saturday 2nd July 2016Bright, Bold, and Beautifully engaging would be how I would describe the most part of this estranged and manic Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill production of ‘Three Penny Opera’, adapted for the Olivier Stage at the National Theatre by Simon Stephens. I express ‘most part’ quite strongly is well, as this production is executed with immense passion and enthusiasm from all involved throughout the whole 2hr 20 minutes on stage, but I do believe that the creativity that runs so strong suddenly stumbles in the last 10 minutes as the action comes to a close on stage.I should truly exaggerate also that I fell in love with production right from the get go and minutes in, as the background of London and the residents lives are depicted though a sequence that is genuinely funny and fully grips you in a way that most productions can't. I always admire the use of the revolving stage that The National have is well, and the amount of…