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ON STAGE REVIEW: Foodwork (Network) ★★★★★

Foodwork The National Theatre, London February 3rd 2018 The National Theatre has always been a platform for works of art in every form to be produced like no other theatre can achieve in London, but with one of their latest productions, Network, starring Bryan Cranston, something even more special is happening, as though on-stage seating is nothing new to the industry, to which ' People, Places, and Things'  have proved this before at The National, being on stage engaged in the production whilst delving into a five course meal throughout is something of a revolution, and one that I feel humbled and proud to say that I experience on my visit to watch Network, so much that even though I have booked myself a ticket to watch from the auditorium in a months time, I am going to decline the visit to be able to enhance and remember this truly memorable experience. Entering the auditorium around 25 minutes before the auditorium opened for the audience, dressed all in dark cloth