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Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Tuesday 18th September

Award Winning 201 Dance Company return following their critically acclaimed Smother, which enjoyed huge success at The Edinburgh Fringe, to bring SKIN, a story of not feeling comfortable in your own body, on a tour of the UK. Thought-provoking, impactful and leaving the theatre unable to let the emotions flowing from the stage leave your state of mind, SKIN was a triumph of the highest scale of dance I have ever had the chance of witnessing.

In the younger generation now more than ever, the topic around sexuality and body identification is thriving and being talked about in education, making SKIN a show that has a lot to tread carefully on as so much has to be taken into account and fitted in around the other notion that the company use none or little dialogue in their pieces, but I was astonished by the sheer detail of this matter in the storytelling of this female uncomfortable in the way they dressed, walked and interacted with p…

MUSICAL REVIEW: Little Shop of Horrors ★★★★

Little Short of Horrors
Regent's Park Open Air Theatre
Thursday 6th September 2018
I am a big admiral of Little Shop, having seen the musical on the fringe scene in Edinburgh 2015, and the UK tour which followed in 2016, so there would have to of been a huge selling point towards this new adaption that would have made me spark a thought to venture and see what the hype was about, and two words stood out; Vicky Vox.
As an American Drag Queen, Vicky Vox is taking on the titular role as the venomous plant Audrey II, historically known to have been portrayed by an animatronic plant, to which in certain aspects of this production is true, but what Vicky Vox ultimately gives to this rendition is sexiness and sass to the role, having the audience roaring with laughter and cheer throughout, and ultimately the star of this already studded and talented ensemble of artists on stage.
Marc Antolin brings an innocence and heart to the performance of Seymour which I've not yet seen from a portr…