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THEATRE REVIEW: A Doll's House Part 2 ★★★★

The sequel to Ibsen’s play could not be more satisfying: it challenges the audience to think deeply about their lives and finally places the onus on the individual to affect change in a society that embraces diversity but still legalises inequality. As the programme states, Ibsen took note of the advice ‘in a good play, everyone is right’ and in this production we are carefully taken through a series of viewpoints with which we only temporarily sympathise. At no point, is the ending obvious – one of the many stitches sown to the original. Set in the round and an impressively large, bleak house dominates the stage before the audience hears a ticking clock and the set lifts. Like Daldry's crashing house in ‘An Inspector Calls’, this moment is deeply symbolic – as the house rises so we see each other. The bare staging (a few wooden chairs and table) works to enhance the sense of time past and duologues are carefully choreographed around a square. Th

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