JOLT International Theatre Festival: Great Artists Steal

JOLT international Theatre Festival

Great Artists Steal


Theatraverse brought the house down on Friday to end off JOLT International Theatre, with a newly bilingual creation, written by Seamus Collins, entitled Great Artists Steal, a story about a man and woman, who welcome a young inventor in to find the creation of 'The Weeel'.

The set for the piece looked old, raged, and very much like a junk yard, thanks to the help of the scrap store the company visited to create their vision for the show. Credit must go to Joanne Allan, who directed the piece and bringing her creation, to which she has been working with Seamus Collins since last August, to life.

The companies aim was to make bilingual open to everyone, and with a cleverly simple looking script, this was accomplished successfully, and talking to the audience, it was found that mostly everyone understood the whole plot, and had no trouble with the ranging accents in the performance.

This exact reason is why JOLT has been perfect for Gloucester, because it has sent a buzz around the city, with everyone talking about it, and having bilingual languages with audiences understanding the text, it really feels hopeful that more performances from International companies will travel to Gloucester, and open our eyes up the crazy creations and worlds in people's minds that are out there.

Great Artists Steal is set to go to the Forest of Dean on 28th July, for a preview of the show, at Taurus Crafts, before heading off to Edinburgh, which will be running from 1st - 23rd August, at Venue45, @theSpaceUK


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