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Strike A Light: Folk in a Box ★★★★

Folk In a Box
Kings Walk Shopping Centre, Gloucester
Saturday 27th September 2014

'I am going to play you a blues type song.', I was told by my mysterious musician as I sat in a pitch black wooden box, as part of Folk in a Box, which featured on 'Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year'. The Concept is based on an intimate gig between one member of the general public, placed inside the shed to be sung to by a mysterious artist who will play a 3 - 5 minute song, then you knock on the door provided to be let out.

The mysterious musicians in question had come from all over the country, from local to further wide. Crowds were soon drawn in by this unique box placed in the middle of a shopping mall experience, with some coming from word of mouth interviews from radio's and flyers, some seeing the box from the show, and many just passers by wondering what was inside the box.

One thing that I thought was really clever about the whole experience was the design layout of the platfo…


1984 Friday 26th September 2014 Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
What would be made out to be the defining book of the 20th Century, 1984, hit the Everyman Stage, as the production is currently touring, to bring us a show like no other, especially in having no internal, meaning 101 minutes, 1 hour 41 minutes, of eery minimal sets, strange characters, and personally your head trying to wrap ideas and themes around your head whilst the action is on a high speed train of adrenaline, roaring right the way through till the dramatic, tense, and in previous nights having the audience faint and feeling sick, overwhelming conclusion come to an almighty climax.
Not much should be let through in a review about plot, and what to exactly expect from this show, but you have to make sure you are prepared to enter the auditorium to witness your whole body go through every emotion, like a rollercoaster, and never stopping to have a passing thought.
But one thing is certain, the show I witnessed on the Sa…

NT LIVE: Medea ★★★

Medea National Theatre Live Monday September 22nd 2014
Medea, based on the myth of Jason, who sought the Golden Fleece, and herself being his wife and the granddaughter of the sun god Helios, was adapted for the National Theatre earlier this year for a sell out run, and has been screened to cinemas worldwide, before now returning to screens for encore performances.
First thought to have been staged in 431BCE, being performed in ancient Greek in which it was originally written, follows the story of Medea, who breeds to sons in exile, but when separated from her children after leading a new life, she faces banishment, and soons goes on to try and take revenge on everything that she once held most dear to her.
The production opens with children watching tele, and then the nurse coming in, who was once a friend to Medea, and narrates the story of Medea and Jason, and brings us up to date of who Medea is, and the struggles that she is having with Jason.The chorus, who act as mothers and m…

NT Live Review: A Streetcar Named Desire ★★★★

A Streetcar named Desire National Theatre Live Tuesday 16th September 2014
'A Streetcar named Desire', The Young Vic's adaptation of the Tennessee Williams' classic, is the first of the theatre's productions to air as part of The National Theatre Live scheme. It starts with Stella and Stanley Kowalski leaving to go to a party, shortly before Blanche Duobois, Stella's sister arrive at Stella's apartment in New Orleans and makes herself welcome, with the help of Eunice close by.
Stella soon comes back to greet Blanche's arrival, and Blanche tells Stella how they have lost their ancestral home Belle Reve, after the remaining relatives of theirs have now passed away. Soon after Stanley, Stella's husband, enters and once again greets Blanche kindly. Things soon spiral for Blanche though as we see an aggressive side to Stanley, which soon builds slowly until one night at a poker night, Stanley gives way and throws Stella against the oven, making her caus…

Musical REVIEW: New Jersey Nights ★★★

New Jersey Nights Saturday 13th September 2014 Everyman Theatre
Damion Scarcella, Kris Manuel, Jonathan Hawkins and William Hazell, along with an array of dancers, brought the glitz and glam to The Everyman Stage in Cheltenham, to celebrate the wonderful success brought by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, with hits such as Walk like a Man, Oh What a Night, Sherry, Rag Doll, Big Girls Don't Cry, and many more.
Set in a bar, studio, and finally, dolled in white suits, on a golden stage, the four gentlemen eased through every song, hitting the top notes without any faults, and wowed audiences throughout, receiving a standing ovation, and the whole auditorium clapping and dancing in the aisles and the show drew to a climax with a medley of their best songs from back in the day of the 60's, 70's, and beyond.
Praise must go to everyone involved, especially the on stage band, backing dancers, and the lighting designs, which really brought an extra notch to what was already a …