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THEATRE REVIEW: Masterpieces ★★★★

Masterpieces Warwick Arts Centre Wednesday 27th May 2015
Sarah Daniel’s Masterpieces is the latest production to be at the helm of Warwick University’s Drama Society, which is centred around the different types of pornography and how they affect our everyday lives. There are three married couples present; Rowena and Trevor, Yvonne and Ron, and Jennifer and Clive. The six actors who made up these characters held their performances with so much conviction throughout the whole piece, it really made their performances have so much energy and charisma on stage. Yvonne and Ron’s relationship is also probably the most challenging out of the trio, as they really are at wits end in their relationship, and just the way Courtney and Craig take on these characters and run with their side story, it really is electrifying when they come down to one of the final scenes between themselves.
There is also one other character in this mix, and that’s in the form of Hilary, a mother to Heathcliff (Kate Bush, …

THEATRE REVIEW: Bromance ★★★★

Bromance Warwick Arts Centre Tuesday 26th May 2015

There are many types of handshakes, like the bully and the politician, but when you extract the names of the actions and turn them into short dance sequences which involves death defying movements which make your jaw drop after watching lifts that that never seem possible, that’s when you know you are watching an incredible physical group, just like Barely Methodical Troupe, consisting of Beren, Louis and Charlie, as they brought Bromance to Warwick Arts Centre.

What was just spell-bounding about this 60 minute performance was how slick everything was, and the focus and concentration involved from all, and you could clearly see how much time and effort was put in to make everything possible that you saw on stage. The trio had incredible stage presence and all had their real moments to shine, whether that was Charlie’s sequence with the hula hoop, which was one of the most powerful sequences I have ever seen in my life of watching theatre,…

THEATRE REVIEW: Romeo and Juliet ★★★

Romeo and Juliet The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham Friday 15th May 2015

This production of Shakespeare’s most well known play, Romeo and Juliet, was brought together by The Tobacco Factory. Entering the auditorium, you are faced with a bare stage with only a child’s playground roundabout situated on stage, and if you're lucky to be sat in the stalls around the front, you may also get the opportunity to see yourself, as also suspended on stage is a hanging large circular mirror, which helped with some certain scenes in the play that were a little hard to see if you sat down in the auditorium stall level. You also walk into the space with the sound of a ball rolling around a roulette wheel; showcasing fantastic symbolism of chance and risks, two main themes within this production.

The action itself and the direction it took the story was unlike any that I have seen before. I loved how youthful the whole first act was, and the complete contrast within the second act; the lighting effects …

MUSICAL REVIEW: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ★★★★

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham
Wednesday 6th May 2015Cast:
Michael Praed - Lawrence Jameson
Mark Benton - Andre Thibault
Geraldine Fitzgerald - Muriel Eubanks
Noel Sullivan - Freddy Benson
Phoebe Coupe - Jolene Oakes
Carley Stenson - Christine ColgateIts Press Day at New Alexandra Theatre, as Jeffrey Lane's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels hits the stage for a two week run. Straight from the start, 'Give them what they want' brings Michael Praed and Mark Benton's Lawrence and Andre boldly onto the stage with this first number. They both bring energy to the stage, and engage the audience, and enough though there were a few technical hitches throughout the performance, they move on through with no hesitation, making the show seem effortless.Noel Sullivan as Freddy fits in seamlessly and creates great atmosphere and chemistry with both Michael and Carley as a trio. The set is bold and bright, and really makes you get a sense of the period that the produc…

THEATRE REVIEW: The Ghost Train ★★★

The Ghost Train
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
Wednesday 13th May, 2015
Before watching this production, I was already familiar with The Ghost Train as I watched the production as part of an A Level performance a few years back, but that didn't stop me from forgetting certain parts of the story, as I seemed to keep jumping at this chilling ghost story presented hauntingly by Talking Scarlet Productions.
Being introduced to the four main characters; Richard, Elsie, Charles, Peggy, Miss Bourne,and Teddie, all stranded in a train station waiting room after Teddie's hat was thrown onto the tracks, the dialogue of writing, and the way that this is expressed by the actors, really makes these characters believable within the first few minutes, as each character Is quickly established within the scene; we have Richard and Elsie, a couple who have been married a year but are both on a rocky patch in their relationship, and on the other side you have Charles and Peggy, who have just been …

THEATRE REVIEW: The Secret Adversary ★★★

The Secret Adversary
The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
29th April 2015
Whenever I have gone to seen to an Agatha Christie production production on stage previously, Like Black Coffee, Mousetrap, and Then There Were None, I would leave the theatre afterwards having watched quite an intense piece of theatre, but The Secret Adversary was different, as instead I left the theatre smiling and remember all the bits that made me laugh, as The Watermill’s Theatre Company’s production of The Secret Adversary was very much a tongue in cheek production full of energy and fast paced action, with a lot of slapstick comedy chucked in.
It was a fantastic piece of theatre, taking a different route to many of Agatha’s other stories. Garmon Rhys and Emerald O’Hanrahan really shone as Tommy and Tuppence, two adventures who go in search together to find Emily Fish and some Top Secret Files. There energy between each other was powerful, and they constantly bounced off each others sentences, which was a real …