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THEATRE REVIEW: Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time ★★★★★

Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time National Theatre Live Tuesday 27th May 2014
National Theatre Live is a fantastic opportunity that gives theatre goers who want to let their audiences watch their acclaimed shows locally in cinemas worldwide, and in this instance I went to watch The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. The play is stage in the round, so everything is seen from a 360° view for the audience in every direction. The stage is lite from the outside with cubes, where the ensemble enter through the doors, or sit round the edge and watch the action on stage
The first act begins straight away with Winston, the dog, killed with a garden fork. Christopher is at the scene of the crime, gets blamed by the police officer, and has to go to the station. The way they light this, and what I like about it, is the fact spotlights are used for the action. Christopher writes a book throughout talking about the mystery of who killed Winston, and one sequence in the first act …

THEATRE REVIEW: Birmingham Royal Ballet ★★★

Birmingham Royal Ballet
The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

The Birmingham Royal Ballet are currently in their spring tour around the UK, and I attended their show in Cheltenham in May. The whole production had three shows; Les Rendezvous, Kin & Elite Syncopations, with two intervals in between to change scenery around for each performance. Sadly I was not able to watch the first performance, Les Rendezvous,  but was able to watch the other two.

Kin was a fantastic performance which had all the company slick with their movements, and I was really focused and transfixed on their performance, because even though there was no dialogue, I felt like I understood the whole story and movements. Elite Syncopations, the third performance, involved the whole cast in silly costumes, mainly made up of morph suit typed custom made artwork, and had a variety of entertaining characters and Dances.

The orchestra moved from their pit onto the stage at the back on view, which was nice to see as it mea…

MUSICAL REVIEW: Hetty Feather ★★★★

Hetty Feather
The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Saturday 3rd May 2014

Hetty Feather is a creation made by Jacqueline Wilson, the award winning author who brought us most notably Tracey Beaker. Known as 25629, with moments later named as Hetty Feather by Matron Bottomly, the show opens up with Hetty on a dangled trapeze, giving the audience an insight of her life, with what follows after being a sequence of a Train Journey, with Hetty playing her mum, where she gives up Hetty to the Foundling Hospital, ran by Bottomly. What Hetty does tell us at the beginning though is that she does not know her real name that her mum gave her as a child, and who her real mum actually is, as she is fostered by Peg, a single mum with already one child, Jem.

Hetty is fostered by Peg along with Gideon, 25621, and throughout the first half, the two of them become close, along with Saul, another of Peg's Children, who we find out later was also a child who went to the Foundling Hospital, until he becomes 6, …