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MUSICAL REVIEW: Wicked UK Tour ★★★★

Wicked Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Saturday 14th December 2013
Ever since I first heard the soundtrack last year, I was always looking forward to eventually bering able to watch the show, which, now I have gotten round to seeing, did not disappoint. Firstly beforehand, I was third row from the front, which is the closest I have ever been to any production, and this really made a difference I believe to how I saw the show, because it felt very powerful and more drawn to it then I think I would have been if I was further back. So onto the show, where act One start with ‘No one mourns the Wicked’, a song about the death of Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west, before Glinda turns up and is questioned whether she was friends with Elphaba whilst a student, and this leads into the past, taking place at college, and the story starts.
Essentially Wicked is one of the best things I have seen on stage, mostly because of the raw talent and the fresh energy and enthusiasm that was brought onto…