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The Girl Who Fell ★★★

The Girl Who Fell
Trafalgar Studios, London
Tuesday 15th October - Saturday 23rd November 2019At the tender and vulnerable age of fifteen, Sam is dead. She's taken her own life and left behind a bereaving mother who is awaiting trail after being accused of her daughter's death. The true culprit in the story is idea of social media, and the way it's manipulated the world left behind in Sam's world, with boyfriend Lenny (Will Fletcher) lost with his thoughts and bickering with his twin sister Billie (Rosie Day). The two share most of their scenes together and fundamentally the writing is shared with a clear sense of understanding, with the theme of bereavement running through the text with justice. Fletcher in particular is fragile in the role of Will through his facial expressions and mannerisms, which is heartbreaking at times, whereas Day embodies the feistiness and the true detective, always full of questions which she wants to get to the bottom to.Claire Goose and N…

THEATRE REVIEW: Lest We Forget ★★

Lest We Forget The Greenwich Theatre, London Friday 8th - Sunday 10th November 2019
From 1914 to 1919, we follow our two protagonists William James (Gilbert Kyem Jnr) and Edith Booth (Charlotte Green) as they fight for their passion of love against those who are opposed to the idea due to the colour of their skin. Lest We Forget in this form pays tribute on the centenary of the First World War, but sadly fails to provide heart or a lack of empathy throughout due to an unfocused storyline that fails to lift off the page, with basic conversation speech and lack of flow. 
With a simplistic backdrop of wooden panels to adhere to the tale, we enter the auditorium to already find ourselves in front of Edith and William on opposite sides of the stage in spotlights, which continues to be poorly used to situate ourselves in each others households; with Kyem Jnr towering over the rest of the cast in height, he is rarely lit properly in full form when spending most of his time upstage, which se…

THEATRE REVIEW: Who They Were ★★★

Who They Were
Etcetera Theatre, London
Wednesday 6th - 9th November 2019
Set in a living room with clear plastic covering every inch of stools and a sofa, Eros (Lucy Abraham) is awaiting on 'food', but not before her ex Florence (Adela Rajnović) makes a untimely visit, the first time they have both seen eachother in 90 years due their immortality. The 'food' is in the form of Joe (Ruby Herrington), who recently has broke up with their boyfriend and rashly makes the decision in wanting to die and give her blood away instead of taking a booked trip to Paris by herself.
Luke Culloty's script has a lot of ideas thrown into the one hour running time, which mostly lands effortlessly. Abraham and Rajnović both paint a very awkward and tense atmosphere around one another which mirrors their characters positions and feelings in a long awaited reunion. With Florence delaying her final goodbye with her old lover, she finds herself forced into Eros and Joe's encounter, helping…

MUSICAL REVIEW: The Green Fairy ★★★★

The Green Fairy
The Union Theatre, London
Wednesday 30th October - Saturday 23rd November 2019
The Green Fairy starts and finishes in a way that comes full circle, a thing so rarely seen in musicals these days, with loose ends tied up and a satisfying conclusion. Along the way, we are thrown back in time to delve into the past of Jo (Julie Atherton), an estranged and often drunk mother to Wendy (Emma Kinney), who works at The Green Fairy pub alongside Toby (Harry F. Brown) and two regulars in the form of Emma Whittaker and David Perkins, who mostly multirole throughout, bring Jo's backstory to life.
We are thrown straight into the score of this musical within minutes, as forth wall breaking material invites us to be apart of a karaoke night with Wendy taking the mic, and where Jo is introduced. It's clear their relationship is frosty, and whilst crashing for the night and sneaking behind the bar to have a glass of the titular drink, suddenly from inside the structure Georgina Hell…

THEATRE REVIEW: Earthquakes in London ★★★

Earthquakes in London Bristol Old Vic Thursday 7th - 16th December 2019
Spanning over six decades and following the lives of three sisters and their hectic, but very different lifestyles, Earthquakes in London is originally split over five acts, two acts with an interval in this case as Bristol Old Vic Theatre School bring to life Mike Bartlett's often drowsy and spoon-fed script with a good effort full of memorable performances.
At the centre of this imminent threat to London, where a seismic disaster is just around the corner, is Freya (Nancy Farino) whose pregnant state has her worrying for her future daughters prospects. Though only briefly we see her relationship with partner Steve (Akshay Khanna) splinter the couple as he sets to leave for a couple of days, Farino is glowing in the role which sees her put through a whole host of emotions and hallucinations. 
With scenes often interweaving within each other to produce a crisp crossover, Cressida Brown has directed a production whi…


Lungs The Old Vic, London Monday 14th October - Saturday 9th November 2019
There’s something undeniably beautiful that resonates through Duncan MacMillan’s two hander, which is being staged in the round at The Old Vic with Claire Foy and Matt Smith taking the stage, most familiar with the audience through their chemistry on the Netflix series The Crown. Through the talk of babies (in an Ikea queue), a rather honest and heart pounding realness to the conversation of PostNatal Depression, right the way through to infidelity,  Foy and Smith never let the pace up on Lungs, which ultimately is a snapshot through the lives of one couple’s journey to bringing new life to an already overcrowded world, with blinding portrayals from both leads, and Foy giving a career-defining performance.
With no props or set to help guide the story along, it’s up to the words and emotions of our two leads to do justice to Macmillan’s words, and it’s with the direction from Matthew Warchus which really elevat…