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THEATRE AT HOME REVIEW: Cyprus Avenue ★★★★

Cyprus Avenue
Royal Court Theatre, London
Thursday 14th February - Saturday 24th March 2019
Streaming now on The Royal Court’s Website, Facebook, and Youtube Channel, David Ireland’s Cyprus Avenue drew critical acclaim last year, and further transferred to The Public Theater in New York, as well as Dublin’s Abbey Theatre at The MAC Belfast. Released now as a film, which originally premiered on BBC Four last September, the story centres around Eric Miller (Stephen Rea), a father who is adamant that his newly born granddaughter shares the splitting image of Irish Republication Politician Gerry Adams.
Blending live performance with pre-recorded material filmed around Belfast, we first meet Eric having a conversation with his female Psychologist Doctor, Bridget (Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo), though he is questionable surrounding who she really might be from the colour of her skin, something he has hardly seen in his lifetime, but is certain in expressing that he is not a racist. In the role of Bri…

THEATRE AT HOME REVIEW: The Habit of Art ★★★

The Habit of Art
Original Theatre Company
Digital Streaming until Tues 2nd June
In times of uncertainty within the theatre industry, many performers and theatres have agreed to stream concerts and previous productions in the hope to ease the stress and worrying state in which the world finds itself in. Original Theatre Company have now joined in to assist with the movement of streaming online with their two current productions of The Croft (which we have a ★★★★ here) and The Habit of Art, an Alan Bennett classic that was staged by the company in 2018 and has now been revived with Matthew Kelly and David Yelland reprising their roles as Fitz and Henry.
Alongside Fitz and Henry on stage are Donald (John Wark) and Tim (Benjamin Chandler), with the four males making up a company of thespians trying to put on a production of Caliban's Day by a Playwright named Neil (Robert Mountford), who has popped along on this specific occasion to a run-through rehearsal of his work. In the absence…

MUSICAL REVIEW: The Last Five Years ★★★★

The Last Five Years
The Large, Southwark Playhouse
Friday 28th February - Monday 16th March 2020
In result of what is very much unprecedented times for the whole world, Aria Entertainment’s two hander production of The Last Five Years marked it’s final short-lived performance on the evening of Monday 16th March, a whole 12 days early to it’s planned departure. Having attended it’s last performance before The Southwark Playhouse announced it was to close their doors for the foreseeable future, I can confirm that there was most certainly an atmosphere that can be hard to describe, as all of us who were stood within the foyer were even unsure as to whether the following performance was to go ahead.  Ultimately the story of Cathy and Jamie did indeed occur, and most certainly will have been an evening of mixed emotions that none of us in that auditorium will ever forget.
Famously featuring Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kenrdick in the 2014 Film Adaption, The Last Five Years cites the five year …


Ben Hur
The Barn Theatre, Cirencester
Wednesday 4th March - Saturday 18th April 2020Running in at a whooping 224 minutes (3h 44m), Karl Tunberg and William Wyler’s 1959 Historic Epic is something of a cult classic, and those who will attend Patrick Barlow’s ruthless adaption at The Barn Theatre will come away somewhat satisfied, as this Monty Python-styled production is full of pompous characters, quick witted gags, and moments of audience participation which makes you feel like you are a part of the action on stage, or in the seas as the case may be….Returning to The Barn after his successful stint with The 39 Steps (You can read our ★★★★★ review here), it’s clear that Joseph O’Malley was the perfect choice to take on this rather silly but epic narrative, which shares many similarities to his previous outing, with a small cast of four, as well as them being able to play thousands, quite literally, of characters. You may though be mistaken at times though that there are six actors on …

VAULT FESTIVAL REVIEW: (Wo)men Rule Broadway ★★★

(Wo)men Rule Broadway: West End Edition
The Cresent, Vault Festival
Friday 6th & 20th March 2020So often in musicals, the male parts are perceived as the hero or villian, whilst the females sing about their love for men. Directed and Produced by Kelly Coughlin, this cabaret style production brings forward nine ensemble performers who each turn that ethos on its head, by singing the songs originally written by men. Whilst the vocals are heavenly at times, the whole of the production otherwise is rather lost, with nothing more than simply women singing the men's songs with no real explanation why those particular songs were chosen rather than the fact that they sound nice.With the iconic Hamilton logo depicted in their advertising, the show would seem to set itself up as a celebration of females and a night of laughter and a lively atmosphere, but that couldn't be far from the truth, as instead we have two hosts (Kelly Rogers and Genevieve Flati) who share no charisma betwee…

THEATRE REVIEW: Witness for the Prosecution ★★★

Witness for The Prosecution
London County Hall, South Bank
Friday 6th October 2017 - Sunday 18th April 2021
An evening at the theatre catching an Agatha Christie production has always been a real treat due to the shrouded secrecy behind all of her classics; And Then There Were None is any detective’s dream as audiences try to figure out how the 10 little soldiers mysteriously disappear one by one from view, whilst The Mousetrap is triumphant for keeping the murderer a secret following a plea from it’s cast following the bows, for which it is now in it’s 59th year in the West End, holding onto the claim as London’s Longest Running Play.
As a short story originally published in the weely pulp magazine ‘Flynns’ in 1925 under the name ‘Traitor’s Hands’ before then being included in book form with Christie’s ‘The Hound of Death Collection’ in 1933 under it’s now current name, Witness of the Prosecution tells the story of Leonard Vole (Taz Skylar), who has been sentenced to the death pen…