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THEATRE REVIEW: Running Wild ★★★

Running Wild Belgrade Theatre, Belgrade Thursday 23rd February 2017
As Lilly goes to Indonesia to learn more about her mother’s side of the family after her father dies in the war, we are treated to beautiful backdrops and slick transitions in this production of Running Wild, which basically gives War Horse a literal run for it’s money due to the stunning puppetry in this production from animals such as Oona the Elephant, and the multiple orangutans ot the tiger in the heart of the forest. Running Wild is a phenomenal piece of theatre with such a heartwarming story about a young girl’s love for animals when everything she once had is now lost.
Even though the whole promotion for this show has indicated a children show, there are moments of dark material in this production, which is no criticism as I believe it is vital to show the dangers of being in a world with animal hunters and death because it is these moments that show the truth of what is happening in our world and not sugar-coatin…


Us/ Them
The National Theatre, London
Thursday 16th February 2017

Based on the September 2004 shootings at School Number One in Beslan, Russia, Us/Them is an exploration from BRONKS, a Brussels based theatre house which produces theatre for young audiences, and is performed by Gytha Parmentier and Roman Van Houtven, and they give an account of the mass shooting which took place over two days through the eyes of the children who were kept captive.

This production started out with Gytha and Roman entering the space to draw the outline of the school through an eagle-eyed look at the facilities in the building, as well as detailing the town of Beslan. The feel of this sequence instantly is connecting the audience and the performers because of the intensity of the subject; we all know what this piece is going to be tackling, but through the comedic effect of the performers acting like children through the use of movement and speech, where they are talking over each other, trying to fight…


La Strada Belgrade Theatre, Coventry Wednesday 15th February 2017

Based on the script work from the 1954 Oscar winning film by Federicob Fellini, Ennio Flaiano and Tullio Pinelli, La Strada focuses on Gelsomina’s (Audrey Brisson) journey as she travels with strongman Zampanò (Stuart Goodwin) after learning about her sister Rosa’s death, to which she travelled with Zampanò in the past, so he asks if Gelsomina will take her place.

With the whole cast and ensemble made up of actor/musicians, this production of La Strada is a breath of fresh air to see such phenomenal talent on stage, and same must be said for the rusty and authentic look at the set, which really pulls you into the action on stage. Audrey Brisson is beautiful and the naive and tender Gelsomina, who completely steals the scenes that she appears in, whilst Bart Soroczynski wows the audience in his portrayal as Il Matto (The Fool), especially at the start of the second act, where he comes through the audience, onto the stage, an…

THEATRE REVIEW: Peter Pan ★★★★

Peter Pan The National Theatre, London Saturday 4th February 2017
I’m going to head straight to the end here and say that I had to hold in so much inside of me to not cry in front of everyone in the audience. I have seen many versions of Peter Pan in the theatre but Sally Cookson’s take on this mythical adventure with our boy who refuses to grow up was the most powerful and emotionally engaging, and also is without a doubt the best thing I have ever seen at The National Theatre. I honestly do not know where to start with this production, from the bright and colourful costumes that blended so brilliantly with the incredible set pieces, and especially the reveal of Neverland, to which the cloth material background that seamlessly disappeared to reveal the Island being a moment in theatre that I shall not forget in a long time, or should we start with Anna Francolini, who for me stole the entire production with her dark and twisted take on the infamous Captain Hook.
As soon as she appeared …

MUSICAL REVIEW: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ★★★★

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bristol Hippodrome Tuesday 31st January 2017

Back when I was a child, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a classic family fun movie in my household, and one that I would watch on rainy days, but not by myself as The Childcatcher would scare me way too much, though funnily enough I dressed up as the villain for Halloween in 2015. Now in my early 20’s, I look fondly on those days and remember distinctly moments like the beach scene in the movie, or the dreaded moment kidnaps Jeremy and Jemima, and so when It came to watching a theatrical production based on the movie, you can see why I may have been nervous about whether my expectations would be exceeded or deflated, and I can reassure you that it was indeed the former, as when I left the theatre I found my jaw aching from how much I had been smiling and laughing throughout this TRULY eccentric and incredible show!

As this production relies on celebrity casting for the main adult cast, throughout this run of 18 months on t…