JOLT International Theatre Festival: Lost in Denmark

Lost In Denmark

Het Vijfde Bedrijf

Creative Team:

Performer - Annemarie de Bruijn
Writer and Director - David Geyson
Translater - Marlous Lang - Peterse

Het Vijfde Bedrijf (The Fifth Act), is made up of Annemarie de Bruijn, who takes the characters from plays that are neglected and goes in to find out more about the world that they have been created in. Lost In Denmark, her latest production, focuses on Horatio, from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

With audience walking on stage, Anne Marie started off by speaking the names of actors who had portrayed Hamlet in productions across the years.

She then told us that actors had struggled with the madness of the character, before going into a minutes silence, and then literally edging her humor on stage by silently bringing upfront a Lego made castle, with figurines, before then plugging in a camera phone to give us a brief reenactment of the well known play, Hamlet.

She then spoke about Horatio, Hamlets friend, and through the presence of him, we go through a journey to find out more about Hamlet, and the common threads that people may of not realised.

The production swaps between Annemarie and Horatio, and she plays a detective like character who looks through clues, with the help of a series of photos from her iPad that she has linked in to a TV at the front of a stage, and also with a clever device of a red button that provides different sound effects and lighting sequences each time its pressed.

Lost In Denmark is set to play again on Thursday 24th July as part of The Scratch Night at JOLT, in The Olympus Theatre.


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