JOLT International Theatre Festival: CEIRW (DEER)


Circus Arts

Eastgate Shopping Centre

With only two days to create a piece fitting for JOLT, Circus Arts presented CEIRW (Deer), a two part dance piece that involved James Doyle-Roberts and Fran Widdowson fitting into two deer masks, and being choreographed through pieces which represented a Court dance and being Caged up like the animal they were representing.

Before the show, the actors actors, accompanied with their masks, walked around Eastgate Shopping Centre, mingling round with the general public, as they drew a crowd and people starting taking photos. It was really nice to see children's faces as they lit watching these performers go on the carousel and walking round.

When it came to the dance, it was all very captivating, and you could see everyone in the Centre just stop to see what was going on, and being fixated to the action in front of them. Everyone from all ages just stopped for a moment to view the wonderful dance pieces that were being created in front of their very eyes.

Credit to be given goes to Gladys Paulus, who created the stunning masks, that even the kids had a go at wearing after, and also James Doyle-Roberts and Fran Widdowson, who told us that the masks had limited visibility, so they moved around through contact with each other and timing to the songs. Bridie Doyle-Roberts must also get a mention for directing the piece, and also for making the elegant costumes that the actors wore for the piece.

Citrus Arts are set to create a third sequence to the existing format, in the likes of a fight sequence between the Court Dance and Caged movement, in time to perform at The National Eisteddfod of Wales on 6th August.


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