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MUSICAL REVIEW: Wind in the Willows ★★★★

Wind in the Willows
London Palladium
Monday 26th June 2017

From the musical geniuses that brought us Mary Poppins and Half a Sixpence, two personal favourite productions of mine, George Stiles and Anthony Drewe have again teamed up with Julian Fellowes on Book to bring to life the adventures of Ratty, Mole, Toad, Badger, and all their nature friends in the nostalgic minds that many of the audience's memories will treasure from Kenneth Grahame's creations.
Rufus Hound would usually play the title role of Mr. Toad in this production, but due to ill health, Chris Aukett took over the role in this evening's performance, and to anyone who didn't know Auckett was the understudy, you would be completely surprised as he puts in a phenomenal performance as the reptilian and considering this performance was the first time in this run that he has taken over the role, he did a fantastic job with so much energy and passion to the character. For those audience members who get the hono…

MUSICAL REVIEW: Dreamgirls ★★★★

Dreamgirls The Savoy Theatre, London Saturday 24th June 2017
Originally a Broadway musical which opened in 1981, Dreamgirls tells the story of the all African-American female trio ‘The Dreamettes’, who comprise of Effie White and best friends Deena Jones and Lorrell Robinson, in their dream of become a successful trio in the world of music. For the current West End run, Glee star Amber Riley has taken on the role of Effie White, and after watching her performance of ‘And I’m Telling You’ at the Whatsonstage and Olivier Awards earlier this year to a resounding standing ovation, I was hoping that for this evening performance I would get to her her do Effie justice in full, and I can say that thankfully this came true, and she absolutely blew me away with her effortless vocal range and sass that she brought to the character.
I must say that I went into this musical very dark, and taking aside the performances from Amber Riley I had seen previously, I didn’t really know much about the storyli…

THEATRE REVIEW: Tristan & Yseult ★★★★

Tristan & Yseult Shakespeare’s Globe, London Monday 19th June 2017
Originally co-commissioned alongside Nottingham County Stages and performed in Cornwall and Nottinghamshire in 2003, Kneehigh’s production of Tristan and Yseult has kept returning throughout the years to delight audiences across the whole world, notably at The National Theatre in 2005, and especially in their 2014-15 US tour. Now in 2017, the production returns to wow new audiences alike, and as an avid follower of Kneehigh's previous creations, I was very much intrigued to watch this version of a show to which I performed in a couple of years back.
First off, sat on the right hand side as you face the stage, the seating was of a restricted view, meaning that I missed all the action from the front but had a side view of the whole action on stage; this to me had no worries as I could still clearly hear everything and see everyone, just not knowing the facial expressions as such. Due to this though, I will be plannin…


Harold Pinter Theatre, London Saturday 10th June 2017

Taking it back-to-basics, if it wasn't for the Shakespearean language, you would almost forget that this production was one of his greatest pieces of work, Hamlet. I was apprehensive before watch the production as I knew it was going to be a long one at around 3hrs 40mins, and with the fact I was situated in the balcony, legroom was going to be an issue, but honestly the power of this incredible production made me forget just how far up and away I was from the action, as I was completely hooked throughout!
Andrew Scott, best known for his recent rendition of Moriarty in BBC's Sherlock, took the portrayal of the central character in this production and completely ripped Hamlet to pieces with his take on this unhinged protagonist - from his first scene to last, Scott's performance was hair-raising, constantly being able to switch between deranged to comedic and giving every ounce of energy into giving the audience…

MUSICAL REVIEW: The Addams Family ★★★

The Addams Family
The Birmingham Hippodrome
Tuesday 6th June 2017Though this ghoulish American family have had many adaptations, from film to TV, this Broadway musical, which is currently touring the UK for the very first time, is based upon the cartoon depicted versions that were originally created by Charles Addams. This musical, which is a real heartwarming, fuzzy feeling tale of one of the most famous families to ever be presented, is packed with so much laughter and warmth that the 2 ½ hours almost fly by, and leaves you wanting me.Visually the show looks incredible, with beautiful lighting and costumes to really give the mood and feel that we know and love, with it all thrown together perfectly on stage. Though at times the followspots may let down hitting the actors on stage in position, the overall look is a wonder to look at, especially when some parts of the storyline may drag, which can be forgiven as this is very much a production about family, where each familymfamily ge…

THEATRE REVIEW: The Wind in The Willows ★★★

The Wind in The Willows The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham Saturday 3rd June 2017
Commissioned with The Everyman Theatre, Box Tale Soup return to tell the tale of Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toad, in a story otherwise known as The Wind in the Willows, personally one of my favourite stories from my childhood and one that I remember seeing many adaptations of from TV, but surprisingly this is the first time I have seen it transferred into a theatrical setting. I have seen an array of Box Tale Soup’s productions in the past, and kept coming back due to the warmth and kindness of the company themselves, and this production of the classic tale continued to show that essence of genuine love for their craft, using puppetry to bring our imaginations to life, and leaving the audience with huge smiles on their faces.
Whilst most of the productions they produce are more aimed at older audiences; Northanger Abbey, Casting the Runes, and ManAlive! To name a few, Willows is very much a children’s tale, and f…