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Julie National Theatre Saturday 21st July 2018
Set in modern day London, Polly Stenhams’ adaption of Stenham’s Miss Julie centres around the titular character celebrating her 33rd Birthday upstairs in her townhouse whilst downstairs her fathers chauffeur, Jean, monitors and cleans up along with his fiancé Kristina. Directed by Carrie Cracknell, this updated production explodes onto stage with a 10 minute opening rave in the upstage section to embody the lifestyle that Julie leads with the drunken party-goers, but as the production progresses, the hype soon deflates like a balloon, seeping out all the air, much like the slow moving iron that falls over a long period at the climax of the action.
Vanessa Kirby portrays Julie, the outgoing and adventurous 30-something who is still living her youthful years, and in my opinion is cast perfectly. Kirby showcases a real talent and keeps you hooked on her attributes and imaginative ways of storytelling, which is more than could be said for her co-…