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THEATRE REVIEW: Hatter in Winterland ★★

Hatter in Winterland
Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham
15th December - 28th December 2018Based Loosely on Alice in Wonderland, this new interpretation from Noodle Productions, Hatter in Winterland, sees a different journey to our beloved story, as Hatter finds himself stranded in Winterland, along with his friend The March Hare, and newly acquainted Mr B The Beaver, where the stories of the terrifying Jabberwocky haunts the land.Sadly in this production though the magic is never truly captured. Alex Guilford fails to create the eccentric flare that the Hatter in known for, instead settling for a character who becomes less of the protagonist as the story unfolds, and more of a cowardly man who stumbles with no pure stage presence, which instead is handed over to Sebastian Harker as The March Hare, who was a marathon ahead of everyone else on stage with huge balls of energy and conviction with his character. Playhouse Veteran Will Brown, portraying Mouse and Mr B The Beaver, struggles to keep…

THEATRE REVIEW: The Inheritance ★★★★★

The Inheritance
Noël Coward Theatre
21 September 2018 - 19th January 2019Transferring to The Noël Coward Theatre after a sellout run at The young vic, The Inheritance, which is inspired by E.M Forster's 'Howard's End' Novel,  tells the story of a young, ambitious gay group of New York men, especifically delving into the lives of Toby, Eric, Walter, Henry, Adam and Leo. Hailed by the critics as 'The play of the century', I was incredibly intrigued by this production, directed by Stephen Daldry, and in most areas I was highly impressed.I think it's in no bad statement to point out that this adaption draws similarity to the other 8 hour epic that was produced by The National Theatre last year, Angels in America, as here with have a similar formula that includes a stellar cast with pure emotion and resistance to each of their roles, almost like their whole training had be lead up to fully fleshing out the characters portrayed on stage, really living these charact…

MUSICAL REVIEW: Bat Out Of Hell ★★★★

Bat Out of Hell Dominion Theatre, London 19th April 2018 - 5th September 2018

Set in the post-apocalyptic world of Obsidian, Bat out of Hell is based on the same name of Jim Steinman’s album with Meat Loaf. Within this world we meet Strat (Jordan Luke Cage), an eighteen-year old boy who never seems to grow up, and falls in love with Raven (Christina Bennington), the daughter of Falco (Rob Fowler), and Sloane (Sharon Sexton), whilst the music intertwines with the character strands, from Dead Ringer of Love, Who Needs the Young, and Wasted Young, right through to Bat Out of Hell, and I’d do anything for Love (But I won’t do that).
Jordan Luke Cage, who portrays Strat, a role originated by Award-Winner Andrew Polec who is currently continuing the role in America, bounds on stage with an ooze of charisma to the character as he grapples with our attention, where the chemistry he drives with Christina Bennington, who has beautifully moulded the character as Raven into her own, is stunning to wa…