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MUSICAL REVIEW: Everybody's Talking About Jamie ★★★★★

Everybody's Talking About Jamie Apollo Theatre, London Wednesday 18th April 2018 There's something really special on right now in the West End, and that's Everybody's Talking about Jamie, a musical based on the real life Jamie New, who at sixteen wrote to the BBC about having a documentary about his aspiring dream of becoming a drag queen, and soon after, ‘Jamie: Drag Queen at 16’, was broadcasted on BBC Three, to which is where director Jonathan Butterell stumbled upon the programme and had a vision to put Jamie's life in the spotlight. The original production of 'Jamie ran in Sheffield with only 19 performances, but due to the sheer word of mouth from its most loyal fans, 'Jamie opened at The Apollo Theatre in London, November 2017, and no wonder why the fans backed the production so much, but right now I truly believe this original British musical is exactly what the UK needs right now! Straight from the start, the production opens big with 


Quiz Noel Coward Theatre Saturday 14th April 2018 After his recent Olivier win for Labour of Love, James Graham has kept the political theme with his latest production Quiz, which depicts the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ Scandal, where Charles Ingram won £1,000,000 but was suspected of cheating with help from his wife, Diana Ingram, and Tecwen Whittock, who had previous contact with Diana before her husband's appearance on the show, which was at the time fronted by Chi's Tarrant. The production allows us, the audience, to become the jury in case which is presented to us in two acts, where we get to hear the arguments for the prosecution and defence, and using a keypad labelled A-D, which is also used by us as the audience to answer a question regarding Coronation Street, we get two chances to decide whether the Ingram's are indeed Guilty or Not Guilty. It's nothing new to theatre with previous productions using audience participation like this, but it l