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THEATRE REVIEW: Kunene and The King ★★★★

Kunene and the King The Ambassadors Theatre, London Friday 24th January - Saturday 28th March 2020
There’s something quite poignant and tender to John Kani’s production of Kunene and the King; It’s 2019 where we meet Jack Morris (Antony Sher), a white South African actor who is preparing to take the role of any actors dream, King Lear. He is in constant pain from his ongoing battle with Lung Cancer, and at the start of the production we are treated to the first interaction he has with his nurse, Sister Lunga Kunene (John Kani). At the heart of this tale is a friendship which has its fair share of differences thrown between the two, but is connected between the two with their love of William Shakespeare. 
Having been taught Julius Caesar as a child in school, in his native language of Xhosa, Kani has semi-biographically wrote a play that streams truth and energy into the piece; Having both worked together on the 2009 RSC’s production of The Tempest, both Kani and Sher share an equal u…

THEATRE REVIEW: The Importance of Being Earnest ★★★★

The Importance of Being Earnest 4 The Barn Theatre, Cirencester Thursday 23rd January - Saturday 15th February 2020
Right from the moment that the clock strikes the evening’s performance, we are thrust into a worrying scenario that any theatrical company would dread, for it is told from Stage Manager Kevin Mckinnon (Aidan Harkins) that the large ensemble cast who are due perform one of Oscar Wilde’s most famous plays are running late, considerably late in fact. In what then sounds similar to a heckle from the rear of the auditorium, Producer Graham de Hare (Ryan Bennett) storms through the centre aisle to clamber onto the stage and discuss the current disaster in the wings, projected around the auditorium for all to hear. It’s not long though until a  decision has been made, for Hare and Mckinnon will indeed proceed with the performance, voluntarily acting out all the roles with as much clarity and precision. 
For those who attended The Barn’s rather sensational production of Daddy L…

MUSICAL REVIEW: Romantics Anonymous ★★★★★

Romantics Anonymous
Bristol Old Vic
Saturday 18th January - Saturday 1st February 2020There has been much of a hype surrounding Emma Rice's 2017 joyous and poetic take on the 2010 French / Belgium film 'Les Émotifs Anonymes, and rightly so. Romantics Anonymous is a production which will whisk you off your feet within the first minute, lifting from you the magical chocolate willingly given during the pre-show, and swallowing the piece down to enter a world of sweet love; Angelique (Carly Bowden) and Jean-Renè (Marc Antolin) perfectly sum up this adventure in a nutshell... Some Things are Too Good for Words.It's difficult to know with a production like this where to start; Lex Botherston's neon and simplistic set design graceful jumps from The Chocolate Factory to the Hotel, right on through to La Chasse, which is quite honestly the most captivating and uplifting minute in recent theatrical history, but then there's the chemistry between our two leads which will lift…

THEATRE REVIEW: The Croft ★★★★

The Croft
The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Wednesday 22nd - Saturday 25th January 2020Ali Mille's Scottish Thriller begins with Suzanne 'Suz' (Caroline Barker) and Laura (Lucy Doyle), a couple of considerable age difference and one that after nine months of secrecy and a 'Babysitter' backstory have ran for a getaway weekend away to Laura's family Crofter's Hut, unknown to them to a haunting presence still lurks of a Laura's late mother. This slow moving plot puts a lot of detail and description into the romance between the two, even when tension starts to stir from tensions back home.Seamlessly tied within the script is the ability to travel between time and expand on what at times can seem like throwaway moments; a conversation had regarding Laura's lack of presence in her mother's life at the end of her days is explored beautifully with the art of transformation from Barker, who wraps up with a shawl to represent a younger version of Gwen Tayl…


Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon
Thursday 19th December 2019 - Saturday 11th January 2020Elevated from the 2007 Oscar award-winning film, Once tells the beautiful and poetic tale of Guy (Daniel Healy) who one day suddenly meets Girl (Emma Lucia), are who are both fighting with their current relationships and the boundaries that are pushed between them. Thrown together with a love of music and a taste for adventure, they intertwine eachother into their own lives, meeting those desired to them, and decide to make an album in which they can forever cherish.Embarking on a brand new tour for 2020, what Once captures so beautifully is the ability to take every expectation that you may impose and completely excel through the use of shear determination from the talents of the Actor/Musicians on stage, who give their heart and mind to a story so delicately told from all departments involved. Whilst Healy and Lucia truly have us in the palm of their hands throughout, with a love so pure between t…