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THEATRE REVIEW: An Act of God ★★

An Act of God
The Vaults Theatre, London
Wednesday 27th November 2019 - Sunday 12th January 2020

Taking on the ultimately role of the man in the sky, Zoe Lyons is God herself; made famous in May 2015 on Broadway with Jim Parsons in the role, David Javerbaum’s An Act of God is a satire comedy that seamlessly answering the deepest and insightful questions that have been posed from the audience, with two trusty angels either side of God in helping to make the world a clearer place of mind, with Matt Tedford and Tom Bowen taking on the roles of Archangel Michael & Gabriel.

Tim Shortall’s design really shines through in this production with a heavenly double bed making up the central set piece that Lyons spends most of the time in front; in fact, Benji Sperring’s direction is mostly static throughout, which does make the whole piece at times come across more as a lecture than a piece of theatre, with evidently fewer laughs coming through as the course of the 90 minute running time cou…

THEATRE REVIEW: A Kind of People ★★★★

A Kind of People
The Royal Court, London
Tuesday 5th December - Saturday 18th January 2020There were a couple of moments during Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti's 'A Kind Of People' where I had to keep reminding myself that his latest production was simply that, a piece of theatre for the purpose to entertain, as certain character developments pushed so far past the boundaries that even the audience were aghast with horror and digest, mainly aimed at Victoria (Amy Morgan) the boss of Gary (Richie Campell) and Best Friend Mark (Thomas Coombes) as she made racial remarks towards the former.Simply put, Bhatti's production fundamentally puts you centre of a debate of how good a person really is, whilst testing your judgement on humanity; with not one performer falling along the wayside, each character is driven by their own future, whether that's doing whatever it takes to get their child to the best school, or simply getting to the bottom of why a promotion was denied to arguably…

Our Top 10 Shows of 2019

Unlike any other year the variety and production values of all forms surrounding the arts is what has made this year one of the most memorable for theatre, and below we have compiled a rundown of our top 10 productions witnessed this year, within no particular order!

1. In Other Words, The Everyman Theatre

'In Other Words is a beautiful representation of the effects of Alzheimer's and the progression of the disease through the eyes of Jane and Arthur, who throughout the production jump from the action to address the audience, with later moments doing so to utter silence from the audience as we are so compelled into their story, or the smatterings of sniffles as there becomes a distinctly lack of dry eyes in the house.'

Read Our Full Review Here

2. Home, I'm Darling, Duke of York's Theatre

'Director Tamara Harvey has took full advantage of the 50s music, with tracks such as The Chordette’s Sandman, to create scene changes that are almost actually scenes within themse…

THEATRE REVIEW: A Christmas Carol ★★★

A Christmas Carol
The Barn Theatre, Cirencester
Thursday 28th November 2019 - Saturday 11th January 2020
Rounding off what has been a blinding opening season at The Barn Theatre, the final installment from this fringe venue has come in the form of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, a tale which is told more of late than ever before, and sadly the magic is failed to be captured in this unsteady and frazzled production which sees little remorse for the company on stage.
Alan Pollock has taken the mantelpiece in transporting this classic tale to a modern audience, though keeping faith in time and era of Dickens' wishes. The issue at the forefront here though is the feeling that we no longer have any empathy for the characters which we have known and connected with for so many years; The Crackit Family are hardly in the spotlight to gauge any sort of understanding in an ending which is flipped from the original tale. Phil Bartlett directs a piece of theatre which constantly feel…

THEATRE REVIEW: Kneehigh's Ubu ★★★

Ubu Shoreditch Town Hall, London Wednesday 4th - Saturday 21st December 2019
Back when I was at University and in one of the many Theatre Histories lectures I undertook, Ubu was the one historic event that my lecturer would go mad for and basically could talk about for the whole of England; opening in Paris on 10th December 1896, it also so happened to close the same day due to a breakout in the audience due to the upturn of norms and conventions. Alfred Jarry became in this moment one of the most talked about writers of his generation, and if he was around to see Kneehigh’s hysterical and raucous sing-a-long production, first premiered at The Asylum in 2018, I think we could only imagine the absurdness that would come from his mouth, with overwhelming emotion.
There is for this matter no better company to take on Jarry’s impossible creation than Kneehigh; known for their madness and creativity, it’s also a no-brainer to cast Mike Shepherd and Katy Owen in this interpretation that is…

CABARET REVIEW: La Clique ★★★★

La Clique Live in Leicester Square, London Friday 8th November 2019 - Saturday 4th January 2020
To celebrate 10 years since La Clique first originated in London, opening at Hippodrome Casino and winning an Olivier Award that same year for Best Entertainment, this all burlesque, eye-watering, and mesmerising production is back, having taken a couple of years off to take the vibrant and saucy evening spectacular to the heart of Edinburgh, with a festive twist in the form of ‘La Clique Noël’. This is also our second time with La Clique, having seen their Edinburgh festive spin in December 2017, and though hard to believe, 2019’s evening of entertainment has excelled itself on an already established format. 
Taking the helm of the MC for the evening is the ever-so glorious and mischievous Bernie Dieter, who certainly knows how to put a spell on the audience and we are fully in the palm of her hand with her devilish smile and ways of seduction, right up to the point where she has four mus…

MUSICAL REVIEW: & Juliet ★★★★

& Juliet Shaftesbury Theatre, London Grand Circle, Central Seating
Aside from those who have lived under a rock their entire lives, everyone will know of, or at least be familiar with Shakespeare's most famous piece of work, Romeo and Juliet. Set with two households at war with each other, this renowned tragedy initially was met with skepticism when it was announced that a jukebox musical was to be developed from an already overused stimulus. The fact of the matter is, & Juliet shouldn’t work, and most certainly should not be updated to include shoehorn in some of Music Producer’s Max Martin’s most recognisable and chatty tunes of the last few decades, with the likes of Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Kelly Clarkson, and P!nk thrown into the mix… yet somehow, & Juliet has defied the critics, and myself especially, to become a production that not only makes every penny of your ticket price worth the experience and visually portrayed on stage, but leaves you utterly co…

THEATRE REVIEW: Superstar ★★★★

Superstar Southwark Playhouse, London Tuesday 26th November - Saturday 21st December 2019

Superstar sees Chris Martin from Coldplay pushed to the side, as his younger sibling Nicola is in town to give her own account of her rise to stardom, away from her older brother’s path, with a change in surname… but she can’t until Chris and her other siblings, Richard and Alex, are sat centre front row, ‘VIP’ to be precise. Of course, Chris, Richard and Alex are not to turn up, with willing volunteers brought forward to take up the position, and even though moments are aimed towards their bewildered faces, it’s all in jest and makes what Nicola has produced into something worth listening to, as her misfortunes and past provide enough hilarity alone.
From a young age Nicola has had a dream to perform, from her years as a child actor on her school stage and a role in Wind and the Willows suggests; during these moments Nicola physically transforms in front of us, narrating her own story the whole…

THEATRE REVIEW: Cinderella ★★★

Cinderella  Friday 22nd November 2019 - Sunday 12th January 2020 The Vaults Theatre, London
A couple of years back it was Trainspotting, the theatrical event based off the 1996 movie, that captivated and entranced myself at The Vaults Theatre, opening my eyes to how far you could truly push the artform from out from your comfort zone. Not Too Lame’s interpretation of Cinderella, a tale told many times with a linear arc rehashed most notably in the form of pantomime, completely rips apart the rulebook again similar to the former production in the form of a purpose built bar in the middle of the staging, and where this raucous, sing-along mania takes place.
Admittedly, the narrative of this interpretation, co-written by Luke Barnes, takes more time than it should to really get to the crux of the atmosphere; filled with crude gags and mostly aimed at an audience in the need of a drink and a good time, Garfunkel (Megan Pemberton) and Simone (Louise Haggerty) embody their roles in turn as…