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MUSICAL REVIEW: The Lion King ★★★★★

The Lion King Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff 13th December 2014
Based on the 1994 Disney Movie of the same name, and now in its sixteenth year and touring all around the world, The Lion King is one of the most top grossing Musicals of all time. For example, it has grossed $1 Billion dollars on and is the fourth most longest running show on Broadway. In September 2014, both the movie and musical were both together named the most top-earning on the box office, beating The Phantom of The Opera, which had grossed $6 billion.
Now on tour, I managed to catch the musical on it’s stop to Cardiff’s Millenium Centre, by the bay, and was thoroughly excited to watch the action on stage, especially being on the stalls level and so close to the stage. With this you could expect my excitement levels to kick off really high when the fantastic opening number, Circle of Life, explodes with colour and wonderful noise filling the auditorium as Animals from all across the world are walked through and interac…

THEATRE REVIEW: The Frozen Scream ★★★★★

The Frozen Scream
Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff
12th December 2014This will be a very different review to most that I have done in the past, mainly for the simple fact that after the show, which is when we got even programme’s, which didn’t make sense to me until it all linked together throughout the show, we are asked to ‘Keep Jack’s Secret’, for future theatre goers who are to watch the show in the future. Saying this though, I do want to give my own thought’s on the production, without giving away any plot points that would spoil any enjoyment, twist and turns that audience members would sure witness.Based on CC Gilbert’s 1928 neglected book of the same name, The Frozen Scream starts with Tony Grandidge and Madeleine Calder, recently engaged, end up stranded in an old house after driving their car into a ditch. They are soon joined by Jinty Mills Roger St. James separately, and later on in the story we meet Dowager Lady Agatha and Constable Tomlinson, and that is about everything…

NT Live: John ★★★★

John National Theatre Live 9th December 2014
With 18 highly acclaimed theatre pieces, 4 television films, and over 50 national and international awards, DV8’s new Production, John, is currently performing at The National Theatre in London, since 30th October, before soon going on tour around the UK. The Production has now been screened in association with National Theatre Live, and this is how I viewed this performance, though I will be going to watch the production again, on stage, early next year.
To get the inspiration and concept for the production, Llyod Newson, Artistic Director of the DV8 company, interviewed 50 men asking very personal questions of love and sex, with one of the people interviewed used as the stimulus, John, whose story followed crime and other dark themes that are thoroughly explored with the piece performed, as even from the first minute, as we are introduced to John and his family, we are brought to the serious attention of Rape, this being between his parents, …


The Crucible
December 4th 2014Originally playing at Bristol Old Vic, from June to September, earlier this year, Arthur Millers The Crucible now has been screened thanks to CinemaLive, in association with Digital Theatre. Under the directors eye of Yaël Farber, this classic play is still an innovation with audiences all round.Based around the times of Salem’s witch trials, I had never read the play before, or knew nothing of these particular trails, though I felt like when watching the production, this was not something that I had to worry of. I say this because the production itself was was very straightforward and the characters in the production were so full rounded in their personalities and emotions with the events happening throughout.Visually also the show was stunning. With such little set at times, you completely forget that this production is being watched by an audience, because you can just envision the setting that the characters are in. The way the lighting was…

THEATRE REVIEW: Lovesong ★★★★

Lovesong Digital Theatre Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Commissioned by Frantic Assembly and Drum Theatre Plymouth, in association with Chichester Festival Theatre, Lovesong originally toured around the UK in 2011 - 2012, going up and down the country to six different venues. With the art of technology, the production was then recorded for a public screening at The Tricycle Theatre in London, earlier this year, and now, with Digital Theatre, you have the opportunity to watch the production, either for the first time, or for the hundredth time, by renting or buying the production online from £3.99 to a HD download of £10.99.

Written by Abi Morgan, the story is told between a couple in their twenties, Billy and Maggie, and throughout intertwines the actions to themselves many decades later, in the form of William and Margaret. The First point I would make is how beautifully thought out these names are, because you would associate Billy and Maggie to be young names, but then to extend them to the…