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NT Live: Of Mice and Men ★★★★

National Theatre Live: Of Mice and Men Odeon Coventry November 19th 2015 Like I've mentioned in previous reviews, during my GCSE's I studied Harper Lee's ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, a book which I saw adapted brilliantly for stage earlier this year, but as I studied this, the other classes would be studying John Steinbeck's ‘Of Mice and Men’, which focuses on George and Lennie, two migrant workers who move from place to place to find new work opportunities, and so when I sat to watch James Franco and Chris O'Dowd take on this masterpiece, it certainly did not disappoint! Now one of the main themes in the story is about friendship, and this was incredibly apparent on stage with the chemistry of Franco and O'Dowd, who within the matter of 2 hours and 10 minutes really turn these characters into real, authentic, and transfixing personalities which ultimately become the highlight of my experience watching this production and I must point out just how incre

THEATRE REVIEW: Mother Courage and Her Children ★★★

Mutter Courage Und Ihre Kinder Berliner Ensemble, Berlin Thursday 5th November 2015 As a university student or drama student alone, you will of course be taught about Bertolt Brecht, one of the most influential people in theatre during the 20th century, and his plays have stood as some of the most inspiring pieces to those who want to make it into the industry, so coming to Berlin and getting to witness one of his creations for the first time, Mother Courage and her children, described as one of the most anti-war plays of all time, felt like a real privilege, and having now witnessed the production, I was left with many thoughts afterwards. Firstly it should be noted that this production was spoken and sung all in German, so as someone who knew very little of the plot beforehand, I did some research of the plot online so I had a rough grasp of what the events were in the play, but having now watched it, I believe that this initiative was actually not needed, as even though