Our Top 10 Shows of 2019

Unlike any other year the variety and production values of all forms surrounding the arts is what has made this year one of the most memorable for theatre, and below we have compiled a rundown of our top 10 productions witnessed this year, within no particular order!

1. In Other Words, The Everyman Theatre

'In Other Words is a beautiful representation of the effects of Alzheimer's and the progression of the disease through the eyes of Jane and Arthur, who throughout the production jump from the action to address the audience, with later moments doing so to utter silence from the audience as we are so compelled into their story, or the smatterings of sniffles as there becomes a distinctly lack of dry eyes in the house.'

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2. Home, I'm Darling, Duke of York's Theatre

'Director Tamara Harvey has took full advantage of the 50s music, with tracks such as The Chordette’s Sandman, to create scene changes that are almost actually scenes within themselves, as we see supporting characters Fran (Siubhan Harrison) and Marcus (Hywel Morgan) sweep across the stage to the music with movements that deserve rounds of applause after every segment. '

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3. Daddy Long Legs, The Barn Theatre

'In conjunction with our leads, we are joined and get transfixed into the world dating between 1908 - 1912 with the help from the three piece band, made up of Charlie Ingles (MD and Pianist), Rosalind Ford (Cellist), and Alex Crawford (Guitarist). Together they bring Paul Gordon’s music to life with a rich presence, and equally are integrated within the story to help carry the flow, whether through bell ringing, handing over cups and saucers, or simply being ignored when offering to take items of clothing, something which was highlighted from Crawford in the second act.'

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4. Come From Away, The Phoenix Theatre

'There was not one single performer that I found standing out from above the rest, and that’s a testament to the word ‘ensemble’, Ironically for this musical being a group of actors who work together so strongly as a one-piece just like the company on stage for this production telling the real life story. I was invested in everyone’s performances and the equal share of stage time between the whole company made the whole show as slick as it possibly could, from the harmonies in the music to the minimal actions that had deep meaning but were presented with so much precision and intensity.'

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5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Southwark Playhouse

'To bring the Cornish seas to the West End to life is no mean feat, and the cast of this production you can see harvest every moment on stage and enjoy each little moment and interaction with the audience; The intimacy within the space heightens the emotions and makes you feel a part of the setting and movement on stage, that my only hope for when the inevitable transfer for this show occurs, as it would be a real shame to see this musical not to gage a permanent home in the future, is that this vital part of what makes this show so unique and inspiring is kept.'

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6. The Watsons, Menier Chocolate Factory

'Louise Ford is undoubtedly the underlying star of the production in a role which will have you riveted as she  commands the stage and interacts with her fellow peers with great hilarity. Fords' talents to create such a genuine and realistic embodied character at times makes us forget that we are in this make believe world of theatre, which can only be a testament to Samuel West’s direction in which is so natural and makes use of the staging to which Ben Stones has designed so organically.'

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7. A Very Expensive Poison, The Old Vic

'Based on Luke Harding’s book of the same Title, the story centres around the real-life assasination of Alexander Litvinenko, portrayed in such a fashiion from Tom Brooke, and in this production is told mostly through the eyes of his wife, Marina Litvinenko (Myanna Buring). Brooke and Buring share an incredibly natural stage presence with each other, as their counterparts tale is unraveled in front of our eyes. The whole ensemble do an exceptional job of keeping the action and Lucy’s retelling respectful, but not without having a bit of fun which goes down brilliantly with the audience; a moment in an airport at the start of Act Two is not only clever but hugely successful due to the brilliant casting of Michael Shaeffer and Llyod Hutchinson.'

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8. Superstar, The Southwark Playhouse

'Nicola Wren, as she since renamed herself to hide from the limelight, is a formidable, warm, and likeable character who you can instantly warm to, and though there are odd moments of interaction with her Company Stage Manager, this is a sole outing which should be praised with it’s boldness, wit, timing, and transitioning speeds which result in sheer pace and never let’s up on the creativity; Wren’s sense of likeability is so precise considering the intimate staging, and she really makes you feel a part of the action… especially if you get chosen to play a former lover.'

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9. Noises Off, Garrick Theatre

'With a rather horrendous first act bringing the company to their knees, It’s Act Two, often known as the most famous part of any of Frayn’s work, that really ups the stakes. Having turned the complete set around, and we watch like a fly on the wall from backstage, the company are now half way through their run of presenting their sex farce to their audience in Weston. Sarah Hadland and Richard Henders are equally lively as Belinda Blair and Fredick Fellowes, bringing their counterparts Flavia and Philip joyfully on stage as one of the couples who make ‘Nothing On’ excruciating, something which can only be a testament to the companies comic timing.

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10. Xanadu - Giffords Circus, Fennel's Farm

'Entering the tent and taking seat on the wooden benches may sound uncomfortable, but the triumph in the creative team behind the spectacle, and the amount of hard effort behind the scenes from the crew who transport the whole village around the UK is something to be celebrated, and this is all even before we get to the main event, which is two hours of non-stop entertainment and death-defying stunts, with an interval squashed between, just for those who wish to grab snacks and souvenirs, which took full advantage of with the poster, pin badges, and the Giffords Backstage magazine… plus some sweet popcorn, kindly shared with the little one in our party of four.'

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Honorable Mentions... & Juliet, Lungs, A Kind Of People, La Clique, Wild Swimming.


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