THEATRE REVIEW: Glengarry Glen Ross ★★

Glengarry Glen Ross
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Monday 4th - Saturday 9th March 2019

There has only once in my lifetime been a moment where I have genuinely considered leaving a performance, not due to the subject matter, but the way the performance had been received with such a cold manner, and surprising this was the case with Glengarry Glen Ross, a production in which prior to going on tour ran at The Playhouse Theatre in London to rave reviews, ultimately making me very intrigued to see what all the hype was about,a nd I feel like if I had seen it whilst in London I would have been more deflated as I was during this run in Cheltenham.

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize 1984, Glen Ross centres four salesmen becoming more desperate to succeed at their business as with the arrival of a motivational salesmen, they are told that by the end of the week two will be soon fired. I won't lie by saying that I just had to read that off a Wikipedia  page as currently my thoughts on this play share no enthusiasm for what I saw on stage. 

What was fascinating about this prodyctpro though was the immense and quick tutnover between acts for Chiara Stephenson's stunning and stylish set design which transforms from a Chinese Restaurant in the static and naturalistic first act, right into the large and vast salesman's office in the second act. With so much precession and detail in the design, it brings a real scene of transportation in a play that which wishes yourself you were elsewhere.

Oberall, Glengarry Glen Ross is a play reveled in social status and words, something that David Money keeps wanting us to og throughout, but also one that is easily forgettable to the moern generation.


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