THEATRE REVIEW: Sunrise ★★★★★

Soho Theatre, London
Monday 18th March - Saturday 8th June 2019

Jessie Cane's hilarious and brutal first production, I LOVED HER, is surpassed in her  follow-up, Sunrise, on all cylinders as she talks in at times graphic detail relating to the breakup of her previous boyfriend and well known comic, Alfie Brown. A laugh a minute even at the most serious and tender moments, Cave pours her heart out and is not afraid to speak her mind in this one-woman show.

Set as an intimate production in the Soho theatre, we go on a journey with Cave which kicks off with a somewhat dialogue between a pillowed illustration of Brown and herself, as she becomes obsessed with wanting to know the sex count of her ex, and instantly connects with the audience through fourth wall techniques which involves a female member of the audience, one of which there are many in the audience, showing a true power of women sticking together and laughing through the awkward moments in which I'm sure we can all relate to, I mean who doesn't stalk their ex's new partners Instagram?

Not shying away from intimate moments related to her body after a closure sexual movement in a hotel, we are enthralled and compelled by Cave's story and when she breaks from the script to acknowledge real life situations within the audience, we see the rawness and real talent of Jessie, who doesn't let a single moment slid and feels like a friend by the time the hour is up on this heartfelt, heartbroken, and empowering performance.

Overall, Sunrise is a stunningly hilarious and natural production which I think holds itself together from the acknowledgement of segments which we as the audience can easily relate towards.


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