THEATRE REVIEW: Pride and Prejudice ★★★

Pride and Prejudice
Birmingham REP Theatre
Wednesday 9th November 2016

Following on from it’s sold out run at the open air Regent’s Park Theatre, this production of Pride and Prejudice, based off an 1813 novel from Jane Austen which has since been turned into a mini TV Series and a 2005 film starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen, has transferred to Birmingham REP Theatre in the middle of it’s current tour across the country.

I have known about Jane Austen’s work through the media and my social groups, but I have not actually read a book by her’s or seen any footage from the movies and TV series that have been produced regarding her books, so going into this production would be for me a new experience in this sense, and knowing how I am not that much of a fan of classic pieces of literature or theatre, I felt very wary but at the same time optimistic in knowing how I was going to feel watching this production, because I have heard nothing but great things regarding Austen’s work.

What I find so magical about period settings is the authenticity and realistic image that the company are trying to portray, with Pride and Prejudice displaying this perfectly with attention to detail with the authentic costume but also the set and props like tables and chairs. The revolving stage at the REP is also another big reason why I believe this production is a huge success, because it's moves the story along beautifully smoothly, meaning that the production never feels unpolished, which is also helped through a score which is both played live and recorded respectfully throughout the performance.

The performances in this production was the main highlight though, constantly carrying the story to it's highest degree in professionalism thanks to the likes of Tafline Steen as Elizabeth and Benjamin Dilloway as Mr Dracy, both bringing Jane Austen's most popular couple to life brilliantly on stage. Their chemistry on stage is amazing to witness on stage, and the whole cast in fact bring such charm to their respected roles that it's a joy to watch!

Overall, Deborah Bruce's production of Pride and Prejudice is a show that all involved such have a sense of pride for, and has truly converted me into reading and exploring Jane Austen's work further!


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