Warwick Arts Centre
Wednesday 16th November

Gasp at Warwick consisted of two duo's divided by an interval, with the first being 'Knot’ performed by Nikki & JD, which delved into the physicality of relationships, which the second duo Alessandro & Maxime performed ‘Gasp!’, a piece about being childish with the items that you have around you, and the thing that really resonated with both acts is how much the audience were really on the edge of their seats, which included me, as we watched the duo's perform death defying movements that really did have the audience gasping for breath!

I really appreciated the dynamics of the duo’s performing on stage as they really gave so much passion and focus into what they were creating on stage. Nikki & DJ were a fantastic partnership and showed brilliant emotion as they narrated us through the piece in little bursts before then entering into a sequence which was fast-paced but thought-provoking. Alessandra & Maxime on the other hand showed so much compassion and childlike features as they played around with the space that they had and the objects to which they were using, like three juggling balls which I never do I think seen anything as skilled as the movement that was going on tonight, to which these were then joined by a football sized ball and finally a big yoga ball. The attention and focus given throughout was incredible and I really felt the tension as they were pulling off these sequences, especially when the hoop was introduced in the last segment of the evening to which reminded me of one of the company's previous shows I watched last year, Bromance.

Overall, Gasp! was a high adrenaline, incredibly skilled and well focused evening of theatre that zoomed by so fast that it left myself wanting more, meaning I’ll definitely be checking out more of what’s to come in the future!


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