THEATRE REVIEW: The Frozen Scream ★★★★★

The Frozen Scream
Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff
12th December 2014

This will be a very different review to most that I have done in the past, mainly for the simple fact that after the show, which is when we got even programme’s, which didn’t make sense to me until it all linked together throughout the show, we are asked to ‘Keep Jack’s Secret’, for future theatre goers who are to watch the show in the future. Saying this though, I do want to give my own thought’s on the production, without giving away any plot points that would spoil any enjoyment, twist and turns that audience members would sure witness.

Based on CC Gilbert’s 1928 neglected book of the same name, The Frozen Scream starts with Tony Grandidge and Madeleine Calder, recently engaged, end up stranded in an old house after driving their car into a ditch. They are soon joined by Jinty Mills Roger St. James separately, and later on in the story we meet Dowager Lady Agatha and Constable Tomlinson, and that is about everything that I can say about the book, and the adapted production that I saw on stage.

Out of everything I have seen in 2014, 'The Frozen Scream' will be the production I talk about for years to come, majorly because of the fact that I have never experienced anything so visually engaging, and without trying to give too much away, making you get really close up with the characters and actors on stage, giving me a night that I don’t think I will ever forget.

I don’t want to say too much more, but I cannot express the feels that I had leaving the theatre. It left me inspired to create something just similar to the production, with the style and genre, but just remember, Beware The Ice...


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