THEATRE REVIEW: Lovesong ★★★★

Digital Theatre
Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Commissioned by Frantic Assembly and Drum Theatre Plymouth, in association with Chichester Festival Theatre, Lovesong originally toured around the UK in 2011 - 2012, going up and down the country to six different venues. With the art of technology, the production was then recorded for a public screening at The Tricycle Theatre in London, earlier this year, and now, with Digital Theatre, you have the opportunity to watch the production, either for the first time, or for the hundredth time, by renting or buying the production online from £3.99 to a HD download of £10.99.

Written by Abi Morgan, the story is told between a couple in their twenties, Billy and Maggie, and throughout intertwines the actions to themselves many decades later, in the form of William and Margaret. The First point I would make is how beautifully thought out these names are, because you would associate Billy and Maggie to be young names, but then to extend them to their full names for their older selves, is a really nice touch.

I must also say how much I adored this production. It was so captivating to watch, and having watched Frantic Assembly before with ‘The Believers’, this production certainly did not have me disappointed, but has made my passion for the company blossom even more. I think that they are so creative in writing modern plays that are very current, and ones that anyone in the audience could possibly relate to. This production had a really aspect and sense of time, love, trust and admiration that everyone in their lives would sure come across, and that’s why I think I loved this production so much; It was relatable.

Just like in The Believers, I feel like the real highlight of this production was the heart-warming orchestrated music and beautifully slick choreographed movement pieces throughout the whole performance. One that sticks to mind instantly is a piece involving Margaret and Billy, that happens as herself and William are going to sleep, though she is struggling. She soon gets out some heels and tries to walk, though not succeeding very well. Where at this point you already have this rich uplifting music, Billy then joins into the scene as a dance partner, lifting Margaret over and around his upper torso and shoulders, and really performing a powerful piece of dance theatre, which to me symbolised the youthful side of Margaret coming up, like there was a gasp of energy coming out of her and was being portrayed through the wonderful choreography.

Lovesong is now available to download from Digital Theatre Here.


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