Strike A Light: Folk in a Box ★★★★

Folk In a Box
Kings Walk Shopping Centre, Gloucester
Saturday 27th September 2014

'I am going to play you a blues type song.', I was told by my mysterious musician as I sat in a pitch black wooden box, as part of Folk in a Box, which featured on 'Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year'. The Concept is based on an intimate gig between one member of the general public, placed inside the shed to be sung to by a mysterious artist who will play a 3 - 5 minute song, then you knock on the door provided to be let out.

The mysterious musicians in question had come from all over the country, from local to further wide. Crowds were soon drawn in by this unique box placed in the middle of a shopping mall experience, with some coming from word of mouth interviews from radio's and flyers, some seeing the box from the show, and many just passers by wondering what was inside the box.

One thing that I thought was really clever about the whole experience was the design layout of the platform that they were provided. With the box on a large square grid of fake grass, and having fencing around the outside, you would of at first been rightly mistaken to think this would be something involving gardening, but as you were to hear more, you were soon to become intrigued more about the premise and concept about Folk in a Box.

After their 3 -5 minute one song session with their musician, the public were then asked to write down their reactions to their experiences inside; 'Surprising, Relaxing Experience', 'Fantastic Environment' and 'Peaceful, good song choice', were only a few of the quotes that the audience gave and were placed on pegs around a fence, which was guarding the box.

My own personal experience was spine-tingling, and had the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as I was sat, with my ears all open, listening to this unbelievable voice in front of me, with questions running through my head questioning how talented he must of been to be able to play a guitar in the dark, and being impressed by his vocal range in such a short space of time knowing him.

You can find out more about Folk in a Box by visiting their website,


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